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3247893 - Unable to format text or add in-line images using the Portal Messages option from a ticket (Editor does not load)


  • While processing tickets, the Rich Text Editor is not loaded for Portal Messages within tickets
  • Users are not able to edit the formatting of the text (change font/colors/..) as well as insert inline images for portal messages.
  • The administrator has already enabled the UI configuration "Enable inline images for ticket description, work description, portal messages and internal memo", but the issue still exists
  • The editor is available for e-mails and SMS


  • SAP Cloud for Customer
  • SAP Cloud for Service
  • SAP Cloud for Sales

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Services -> Ticket
  2. Open a ticket and go to "Interactions"
  3. Click New, and select "Portal"


  • Missing configurations
  • Business Option BO_COD_MEMO_ACTV_PORTAL (Service Portal Integration Interface) is not enabled
  • The BO BO_COD_MEMO_ACTV_PORTAL is related to question "Do you want to extend your service scenarios to include an external service portal?"
  • You are using the Employee tickets scenario


  • Please note the HTML/RichText Editor is not available with the Employee Support ticket scenario relating to the Portal Messages integration
    • Only simple text will be used
    • No inline images added to the data
    • No formatting can be performed to the data
  • If you are using the Customer Care scenario, then make sure that you also activate the below scoping questions to enable the Portal Response option in the Timeline view
    1. Go to Business Configuration Work center
    2. Select Implementation Projects view
    3. Select First Implementation -> Edit Project Scope
    4. Forward to Questions option
    5. Go to Service -> Customer Care
    6. Select Communication for customer care -> Service Portal integration
    7. Enable the scoping question "Do you want to extend your service scenarios to include an external service portal?  Please note, once selected not reversible "
    8. Now Go to Sales->Accounts and Activity Management -> Activity Management
    9. Enable the scoping question "Do you want to record memo activity?"
    10. Review and Finish

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