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3248965 - Error When Performing Ping Service and Register User Functions of Concur Service


When you perform Ping Service and Register User features for a Concur Service, system throws below errors

Ping Serivice:

Cannot find entry /OAUTH20/CLIENT/USR_R/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in secure store SECSTORE E 023

Access context missing for account yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, please run access grant procedure

Register User:

Technical error; create incident

Save failed


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Application and User Management work center
  2. Under User and Access Management, Select User Registrations for OAUTH
  3. Select a concur Service (example: CONCUR_INTEGRATION_OAUTH_JWT)
  4. Click Ping service / Register user button


Ping Service:

it is a generic UI button available for all the Service and it is not relevant for Concur Services.

Register User:

For Concur Service, User Registration is performed through different steps and this is not relevant


Ping Service:

It is not possible to hide these button since it is generic UI and it is recommended to avoid the Ping Service in case Concur Services.

Register User:

Steps to register a User is available in the Help Center documentation.

These two buttons are not relevant for concur services and hence you don't have to press the Register button and also the Ping Service button which does not give proper results for this scenario.


This is not working in the Concur Integration scenario via this workcenter view. Instead it is done automatically when the user is triggering a replication run for the first time.

Regarding the red, yellow and green icons in the lines: They only indicate if the authorization code is available, expired or not yet available. They will "turn to green" if the user triggers a replication and they can "turn to yellow" if user is not working in the integration processes for a long time and the refresh token is expired (a fresh token will be fetched with the next replication, then). But it doesn't indicate that there is something wrong or not working or set up incorrectly.

ideally this wont prevent the replication. Everything is fine as long as the replication processes do not return any application or connectivity errors.


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