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3249377 - SAP SuccessFactors Integrations Release FAQ – Second Half 2022 (2H 2022)


This KBA has the objective to share the 2H 2022 release features in scope of the SAP support components LOD-SF-INT-*** (SAP SuccessFactors Integrations).


  • SAP SuccessFactors Integrations
    • Webservices SFAPI and OData
    • CompoundEmployee
    • Data Replication Monitor
    • Integration Center & 3rd Party Integration
    • Employee Central APIs
    • ERP Suite integrations + middlewares


The following documentation can be also found on the SAP Help Portal under SAP SuccessFactors Release Information, quick links to the "What's New" section in each document can be found below for the latest release.

Find below the main products page links and handbooks of Integrations:

Please find the 2H 2022 release features in scope of the SAP support components LOD-SF-INT-*** (SAP SuccessFactors Integrations) below:

Product AreaSupport ComponentDescriptionReference NumberWhat's New Viewer
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-INCDownloadable Intermediate CA Certificate in Security CenterINT-14357LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-INCSubscription Support of External Events in Event Subscription ManagementINT-14367LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-INCmTLS (X509 Certificate) Based Authentication Support in Integration Services Registration CenterINT-14068LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-INCAvailability of mTLS OAuth2.0 Authentication Flow For IntegrationsINT-14267LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-INCOAuth Configuration Supports Custom Parameters in BodyINT-14121LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-INCUpdates to Integration Service Registration CenterINT-14291LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-INCDeprecation of Third-Party Standard Integration Packages INT-12902LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-APISFAPI Audit Log Size LimitAPI-24710LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ODATANew Headers in OData and REST APIAPI-23845LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-APIDeprecation of HTTP Header X-SF-Correlation-IdAPI-23475LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-APIDeprecation of OAuth IdP API /oauth/idpAPI-23511LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-APIDeprecation of HTTP Basic Authentication for APIsAPI-14291LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ODATAV12 Employee Profile APIs Are DeletedEDU-17712LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ODATADeprecation of Three To-Do APIsAPI-16154LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-INC-ISEDeprecation of SEB External Event Tab in Event Notification SubscriptionPLS-30677LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-APISimplified API Access Restriction Based on IP AddressesAPI-20964LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-CENew Semantic Key for Work Permit in Employee Central Compound Employee APIECT-189135LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-DRMNew Replication Status in Data Replication MonitorECT-192132LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-DRMChanged Permission Requirements for Data Replication MonitorECT-190903LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-DRMAdopt General Display Name on Data Replication Monitor UIECT-176085LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-EC-SRVChanges to Role-Based Permissions for Employees Using Employee Central Service CenterSWZ-4588LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-EC-SRVAlphabetic Listing of Categories in Employee Central Service CenterSWZ-4589LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-EC-SRVNew SAPUI5 Version for Employee Central Service CenterSWZ-4907LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-EC-SRVMigration of HTTP Basic Authentication to X.509 Authentication with SAP Cloud for CustomerSWZ-4702LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ECNew Property employmentId in OData API EmpEmploymentECT-192841LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ECProperty isEarning Now Filterable in OData API FOPayComponentECT-195497LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ECNew Key Property issueDate in OData API EmpWorkPermitECT-188617LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-CPIX.509 Authentication for SOAP Connector in SAP Fieldglass IntegrationECT-167736LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-MDINew Company Code Object from Master Data Integration to Employee CentralECT-193816LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-MDINew Parameter for the Workforce Person Configuration Object



Disclaimer: other 2H 2022 integrations features can be also checked in this page What's New Viewer ( The above table only covers the ones supported under the SAP support components LOD-SF-INT-***.


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