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3250000 - How to add attachments in a Temporary Billing Document - SAP S/4HANA Cloud


While creating a billing document, it is not possible upload attachment due to error: "incidSaleOrderAttach.docx: User has no authorization for operation CREATE on object".




Adding attachments to a temporary billing document is not supported in S/4HANA Cloud. 


As stated in Create Billing Documents app documentation, this function is not possible in a temporary billing document: "You cannot edit a newly created temporary billing document until you have saved it, which converts it to a persistent billing document. Once saved, you can edit the billing document. Because posting the billing document to financial accounting also triggers output, before posting, you must ensure that you have finalized not only all changes that are relevant for financial accounting (for example, the billing date), but also changes that are relevant for output (for example, texts that you want to appear on the invoice form)".

Kindly refer to the documents in 'see also' tag below. 

However alternate solution does exist, which includes creating a preliminary billing document.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to SSCUI 104050 (Activate Copying of Output Items from Prelim. Billing Docs to Billing Docs)
  2. Check if "Copy output items (including attachments) from preliminary billing documents to billing documents" is marked
  3. Create preliminary billing document from sales order
  4. Go to "Change Preliminary Billing Documents" app
  5. Search for the preliminary billing document you would like to add attachment to
  6. At Services for Object tab, go to Create attachment, and upload the files from the computer
  7. Click on "Display output request" button
  8. In Display Attachments tab, you could choose which uploaded attachments you would like to attach to the output items
  9. Save
  10. Create billing document from PBD in "Create Billing Documents" app
  11. Newly created billing document will include the attachment(s) previously uploaded to the PBD

As SAP does not support this feature, the above steps are only an alternate workaround. You hold full responsibility for any error or inconsistency caused by your own customizing.

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