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3250538 - Perfomance Issues with Business Rules in Recruiting Management


  • The Business Rule is taking too long to load.
  • The field being changed by a Rule is getting overridden for multiple different values.


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A Business Rules should generally not take more than a few seconds to fully run but if the Rule is build upon a complex scenario, for example having multiple fields or multiple conditions, the system will take more time to fully run the Business Rules.


There's no instruction on how to run a Business Rule faster. The more complex, the more time it will take to run the rule.

When setting up a Business Rules, you can consider some best practices:

  • Be familiar with the available Business Rules functions - Functions;
  • If a function or a path is used several times, please consider to use a variable - Creating Variables;
  • Use a lookup table if the rule checks the same attributes for a huge number of values - Creation of a Rule with Lookup Function;
  • Avoid setting the same Business Rules more than once for the same Recruiting template;
  • Pay attention if the field you're selecting for your Business Rule has already another Rule defined. It's important to take in mind that a change made by a Rule set as OnChange is also considered as a change that can trigger another rule. So, if not properly implemented, one Rule can trigger many other creating a loop that will take too much time to fully load;
  • If you see a field having the value overwritten multiple times after triggering a Rule, that means the Rules you defined have entered a loop.

    In case a Product Support ticket is needed, please make sure to check the following first:

    • Disable and re-enable the Business Rule, then check if the issue will persist;
    • Create a new Rule and start to add the conditions one by one. Assign this new Rule and if the at the beginning, the Rule doesn't show any problem, keep adding the remaining conditions until you find the specific piece causing the issue. If you find the specific condition causing the issue, check if the logic is not incorrect, otherwise inform your findings in the ticket.

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