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3251501 - Customer Hub View does not open with new inbound phone call while using the Live Activity


  • You are using the Live Activity and configured it to open the customer hub when a call arrives
  • The expectation is that the Customer Hub window will open, but that does not happen with the inbound call
  • However, the Customer Hub window opens when making an outbound call


SAP Cloud for Customer

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Place a call or simulate a call
  2. Widget opens up
  3. Confirm the customer/contact
  4. Customer Hub does not open


One possible cause is a mismatch on the Comm System ID maintained on Live Activity Configuration.


  • For an activity to be created when a phone call is accepted, your widget integration must have a Comm. System ID defined
    1. Go to Administrator
    2. Click "Service and Social"
    3. Navigate to and client on "Live Activity Configuration"
    4. See under Fiori Client Settings, and enter a value in the "Comm. System ID" field. For example, "Contact_Center".
  • If you are accepting a Whatsapp message, check if an Activity is created under Activities - Messaging

            If Activity is not created, recheck your scoping question:


  • The Comm. System ID can then be maintained under the "Communication Systems" using the following steps:
    1. Go to the Administrator work center
    2. Select the General Settings view
    3. Open Communication Systems
      • If there was no Comm. System ID, then create a one
        1. Click "New"
        2. Under "Basic Information", enter the "ID" (for example, Contact_Center), "Host Name = Contact_Center" and "System Type = Internet"
        3. Go to System Instances and click "Add Row"
        4. Enter System ID = Contact_Center and Preferred Application Protocol = 5 - Web Service
        5. Click "Save and Close"
      • If there was already one created, then ensure the ID is exactly the same as what was defined in the Live Activity Configuration AND "In Use" field is enabled
      • Specially the System Instance ID, which in this example is "Contact_Center"
      • It is important that both the Communication System ID and the Business Instance ID are the same as the one maintained on the Live Activity Configuration

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