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3253888 - [Onboarding] How to delete or permanent purge an inactive onboardee user


  • The onboardee candidate has an ONB2Process object created and with status as "cancelled".
  • The onboarding user has existing data in Employee Central (e.g. National ID information, Job Information).
  • When purging the Onboarding user through the DRTM Onboarding 2.0 Purge tool, the following result appears in the purge report: "Report is coming as Completed with Empty report".


  • SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding
  • SAP SuccessFactors Platform

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Create a Purge Request through Data Retention Management in Admin Center and select Create New Purge Request.
  2. Upload a file with a list of Onboarding inactive users to be purged and define the Status field within the Subject Criteria as "Cancelled".
  3. Select all of the Purge Objects that are going to be purged.
  4. Select to launch the request immediately.
  5. Go to Purge Request Monitor page and check that the report status of the purge made is "Report is coming as Completed with Empty report".


The DRTM Onboarding Purge tool is able to delete Onboarding process data (such as data related to Onboarding/Offboarding tasks/activities/documents), and unable to purge data in the Employee Central.

Since the users in question hold Employee Central data, such as Job information, National ID information, User ID, User Name, Assignment ID, etc., the Purge Inactive User data deletion method should be used, as such removes the inactive users and all related records in all modules completely and irrevocably from the database.


The following resolution note contains the required steps to soft and permanently purge inactive Onboarding users through the Purge Inactive Users purge method, also describing how to check whether the data was erased successfully from the Data Inspector tool:

1. How to soft Purge Inactive Onboarding users from the system:

1.1. Preconditions:

  • Ensure the onboarding process of the to-be-purge user is in cancelled state.
  • Choose a user (preferably admin) who has all the permissions required to trigger and approve the inactive user purge.
  • If your purge Request fails automatically, please follow this KBA to ensure that the user also has LMS related permissions : 2179378 - Purge Request fails automatically
  • Make sure to add External Onboarding user to your permission's target population. Please, refer to the screenshot reference on how to add an Onboarding user to the target population:

1.2. Go to Admin Center -> Data Retention Management -> Manual Data Purge -> Click “Create New Purge Request” -> Choose “Purge Inactive User”:

1.3. Select “Upload a list of users (by User ID or Assignment ID)” or you can also choose select single user option (NOTE: If you use select single user option the search works only with username, first name or last name. The search does not work with User Id),  and click “Download Example”:

1.4. Open template, enter the user id of the to-be-purged onboardee, for example, "40" (you also can change the header from “Assignment ID” to “User ID”) and then click on “Upload” button to upload the file:



1.5. Unselect all the checkboxes under the section “Exclude users that meet the following criteria”, add an approver, and click “Launch Immediately” to launch the purge request right away:

1.6. Access Purge Request Monitor to approve the purge and the purge result can be viewed under “Purge Results & Discontinued Requests” tab:


1.7.  Download the report and open UserObjectType.csv to verify if the user has been soft-purged successfully (PROCESS_STATUS column is PURGED means this user is soft purged). Sample report:


2. How to permanently Purge Inactive Onboarding users from the system:

After a Soft purge, user id 40 still exists in system. If you want to completely delete/remove users from system, you need to proceed to do a permanent purge.


2.1. Go to Admin Center -> Data Retention Management -> System Identifier Purge - > Select Purge inactive users listed in a CSV file -> Upload the file and click on “Submit":


2.2. You can re-use the same file used during soft purge process:



3. How to confirm if the data was purged successfully?

3.1. After executing the purge, you should receive an email: it means the onboardee 40 is completely purged now.

  • E-mail subject: Permanent User Purge – [Completed]
  • E-mail Content: User records associated with the following users (user ID, assignment ID) were completely purged: (40, 40).


3.2.  Alternatively, you can go to Admin Center -> Data Inspector ->  choose “Table_USERS_SYSINFO” -> Choose “Users Sys Id” as filter -> and enter the user ID purged (to our scenario, user ID 40)


Please note: if no results come back, then it means that user ID 40 is completely purged now.


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