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3254272 - DC12 Learning events not published to Home Page Assignment & Approval cards


  • Learning Assignments & Approval cards not created or deleted with associated Learning actions between Sept 5th and Sept 17th on DC12.
  • Cards not deleted causing errors on card interactions on Home page.


SAP SuccessFactors Learning
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  • a routing issue of learning events caused a backup in event processing queues between Sept 5th and Sept 17th on DC12.
  • potentially impacting learning assignments or learning approvals Home page cards (cards would not have been created or deleted based of actions taken in Learning between this period).


Issue has been addressed by Operations and preventative and additional monitoring measure in place to prevent future occurrences.
The below steps can be taken to resolve or workaround to ignore and use LMS to provide actions as needed till card expirations.

  • in order to refresh the Platform/Bizx Home page learning data in impacted instances, customers can UNDO their learning assignment &/or Learning approvals Home page in Upgrade Center. 
    Note UNDO/REDO of the cards there is no impact to Learning data, it only removes the cards from the Bizx homepage during the UNDO then provides the cards again after REDO of the Upgrade Now to Bizx at their current correct state.

  • if the UNDO option is greyed out because you have upgraded more than 30 days ago, We can run a script in the database to change the upgrade date to recent so the UNDO action becomes available. (Currently have refreshed date for all DC12 customers incurring the issue):
    Note the UNDO will not impact Learning data.  It will remove the assignment & approval cards respectively.  This will then allow you to upgrade again from the upgrade center (which may take a few hours to complete) recreating any cards to their current proper status.

    1. Please ensure to perform these steps one at a time for Approvals/Assignments.
    2. Go to Upgrade Center & View recently completed upgrades.
    3. Click UNDO & once the UNDO is Successful, navigate back to main Upgrade Center to click UPGRADE NOW.
    4. Once this is completed successfully, allow a few hours for the cards to finish populating before validating the data.
    5. Repeat for the second upgrade if you are doing both.


1/ What will happen to existing cards during the UNDO process?

When you UNDO a Learning Home Page upgrade (Assignments/To-do or Approvals), it triggers a background job that will UNDO the upgrade and delete all existing learning cards from the Home Page (so if you only UNDO the Learning Approval Upgrade it will delete all learning approval related cards on the Home page).

2/ What will happen when we select "UPGRADE NOW"?

this will trigger another background job which will take care of recreating all the learning cards. This can take some time to fully populate so the customer should allow a few hours after the upgrade is marked successful before validating the data.

3/ What should I do to validate the data?

Learning is the source of truth. Meaning whatever shows in Learning is correct but it could that the Home Page data is not up to date.

  • For Learning Assignments: cards are only showing required courses with a due date in 30 days or overdue by up to 365 days. It will not show self assigned courses, courses with a due date over 30 days. Please review our documentation for further details Assignments Help
  • For Learning Approval: approval request shows as pending in learning but does not show on the Home Page or shows on the Home Page but gives you an error please make sure to click on "view details" on the pop up and copy the entire error message (Sometimes, the ExternalDetailMessage can give you clues on what to do to resolve the error).

    For Learning Assignments:

    1. impacted user ID and course IDs
    2. Result of the Learning Plan Audit report for impacted user (please only apply user ID filter to run the report and no course/curricula/program filters)
    3. screenshot of My Learning Assignments to show the course on the user learning plan

    For Learning Approvals:

    1. Impacted user IDs (requestor and approver/s)
    2. Screenshot of the Approval screen in My Learning
    3. Screenshot of the Approval in the user record (requestor) in Learning admin > open User record > Approvals tab > click on the impacted approval

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