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3255305 - Visit Fields: 'Location' and 'Location Line 2'


While working with visits and their location, you come across the fields  'Location' and 'Location Line 2'.

You are trying to use two different addresses for each field. However, when entering two (different) addresses, one in each of the fields, for example, the "Out of Range Check-In" field might give you unexpected results.


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Your understanding was, that you can have two different locations (two different addresses) - one different one in each field.

This is not the case.

'Location' is the actual field for the address entry. 'Location Line 2' is an extension - the second line - of this field.

If the 'Location' field has more than 100 characters then the spill-over needs to be added to the 'Location Line 2' field. Currently the auto determination to fill the location field from account (or from address selection) will not fill the additional field. If an address is longer, it will be trunctuated in the location field. However, data can be entered via the UI manually and also from Outlook (in a synch scenario), if more than 100 characters are in the location, the spill-over will be set to the additional field 'Location Line 2'.

They are not two independent location fields! They are not intended for different addresses.

Only one address is expected for the 'Location' field.

The same behaviour can be seen for other address line fields (see Account address -> several additional address field lines are available to be added to the UI). They were created for scenarios where an address is longer than average.

The 'Line 2' part of the field name means, that it is the second line of a field - it is not its own field.


Do not use the 'Location Line 2' field as a second address field. Only one address will be considered. You can edit the address in the visit and you can select a visit location that is not the same as the account's main address. If an account has several addresses maintained, for example, add the 'Address Selection' field to the Visit. In the field's search, all addresses maintained for an account will be available.

Added: while the location can be entered manually (and the manually entered location can be found on, for example, Google maps), the 'Out of range'-check (proximity validation)  will only work for addresses where the latitude and longitude were specifically recorded for the address in the master data - for this, the address needs to be pulled from the 'address selection' to guarantee the connection to the master data. If you enter the address manually, this is not given.

Latitude and Longitude are mandatory for this feature: the feature is used as a control-mechanisms over users to see if they really did check in at a particular address or not.

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