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3257668 - SAP Business ByDesign 2208 Hotfix Collection 3 Information


Following is the list of fixes* delivered with the Hotfix collection 3 performed in 2208 release of SAP Business ByDesign.

The Hotfix collection is planned to be deployed to tenants during the respective planned maintenance window on/after the 15th of October 2022. Please check the planned maintenance downtime window of your tenant from the Service Control Center


SAP Business ByDesign 2208


Cross - Area Topic

UI Client

  • With the fix provided, the following is now possible.
    • You can now remove items by grouping on the Goods and Service receipt.
    • You can create OData Services successfully. (Hotfix ID: 1000015499. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)
  • The following issues have been fixed:
    • Wrong Quote displayed when clicking Notes in 'Compare Quotes'
    • Application error when creating a KPI variant. (Hotfix ID: 1000015478)
  • With the fix provided, the Enterprise Search scoping now takes effect in the Horizon theme. (Hotfix ID: 1000020242. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)
  • The issue of repeating headers in the table while printing the current page to a PDF with a reduction ratio has been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000019636)

Analytics Tools & Framework

  • Previously, an encoding was added for key figure values when opening CSV files on Excel. As this led to issues in the key figures, the encoding has now been removed. (Hotfix ID: 1000014418)


Customer Relationship Management

Customer Invoicing

  • For India, the government has recently updated the e-invoice JSON schema from version 1.02 to version 1.03. The new version has the tag, 'DocPerdDtls', newly added under 'RefDtls'. This was not present in version 1.02. With the fix provided, 'InvStDt' and 'InvEndDt' have been mapped to the newly added tag. (Hotfix ID: 1000020462)
  • CFDI4.0 cancellation of Mexico customer invoice was opening the preceding document such as the sales order. With this fix, the new cancellation invoice is created using the open sales order/preceding document as a reference, after which legal approval is requested. This process solves the issue of opening of the preceding documents. (Hotfix ID: 1000018954)

Sales Order

  • Cancellation of multiple sales orders at the item level in the same session, was only canceling the sales orders and allowing the related invoice requests to still remain in the system. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000020652. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)


  • The issue with the sales unit being shown as 'Not Assigned' in the Select Planning Dimensions step while editing a sales plan has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000019236)

Pricing Calculation

  • The functionality of supporting up to 9 levels in the Account Hierarchy Price list and Customer Hierarchy Discount List that was made available with the 2208 release of SAP Business ByDesign was not working for high priority Price List and Discount List. Due to this issue, the functionality has now been reverted to its previous state of supporting up to 5 levels only. (Hotfix ID: 1000020182. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)


Financial Management

Payment Management

  • While creating Remittance Advice from the web service, detailed error messages were not shown in the response. This has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000020013)
  • Payer address details now get populated correctly in the Direct Debit Mandate form. (Hotfix ID: 1000015479. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)
  • The field 'Company ID' can now be exported to Excel from the Payment Management - Remittance Advices work center view. (Hotfix ID: 1000019702)
  • SDK EnhancementSpot PaymentControlUpdateCallback implementation could deliver empty BusinessObject node references for some object types, resulting in failed scenarios. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000019954)
  • With the fix provided, the Bank Charge Bearer setting per transaction is mapped correctly to the Austrian ISO20022 payment file. (Hotfix ID: 1000015946)

Tax Management & Declaration

  • For Germany, the aggregation return run now picks up all the additional split line items in the first batch iteration. (Hotfix ID: 1000020221)
  • You can now release the French DAS2 withholding tax return without having a SIRET number maintained in the business partner master data, for domestic suppliers. Although a warning is shown, you can still go ahead and send the tax return to the authorities. (Hotfix ID: 1000019174)
  • India GSTR-3 aggregation return was creating multiple returns due to down payments clearing documents. With the fix provided, the aggregation tax return functionality for GSTR-3 returns works successfully without running multiple times. (Hotfix ID: 1000019195)
  • With this fix, a few tag changes are done for version 13 of the Ukraine Outgoing Tax Invoice. If the newly added tag <HTYPR> has the value '2', the tag <HKB> is removed, else <HKB> is filled depending upon the length of the Tax payer identification number. (Hotfix ID: 1000020651)

Statutory Reporting

  • The total amount and total quantity for the Warehouse Book Report were appearing incorrectly. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000019034)
  • The error in the total amount of Statutory report - Journal Italy due to missing amounts in the generated PDFs, has now been corrected. (Hotfix ID: 1000017853)

Financial Accounting

  • In the Financial statement report, when a group of accounts (item) is assigned for debit and credit balance, the balance was appearing on the credit side despite having a debit balance. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000019063)

Expense Report

  • In Analytics, the data source ODTMEALPERDIEMB01 is now available which shows the deductions for Meal Per Diems in Expense reports. (Hotfix ID: 1000018205)

Outgoing Cheque

  • The printing of outgoing checks was not in sequence. This issue has been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000020324. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)


Human Capital Management


  • ManageEmployeeIn web service has been corrected for updating bank details. (Hotfix ID: 1000020003)

Great Britain

  • A new holiday has been published by the UK government, which will also be a Bank Holiday, for the state funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The same is added to the holiday calendar with the title "State Funer. Queen ElizabethII" in the following holiday calendars.
    • GE - Great Britain (General)
    • GN - Great Britain (Northern Ireland)
    • GS - Great Britain (Scotland) (Hotfix ID: 1000020062. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)


Supply Chain Management

Master Data Objects

  • Due to an issue, error messages were not shown for Business Partner IDs in the maintain operation of the Registered Products web service. This issue has been fixed and the error messages are now shown. (Hotfix ID: 1000016669)

Goods and Activity Confirmation

  • During allocation in a sales order for a Consignment Issue scenario containing 2 products (1 Mandatory Serialized product and another with a Non-Mandatory Serialized profile) the result in the Consignment Stock View of the Non-Mandatory Serialized product was appearing incorrectly, due to an issue. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000020591)


Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier Invoicing

  • When the manual ERS credit memo gets paid, the Sequential Document Number was regenerated and updated again. With the fix provided, the Sequential Document number is generated only during posting of ERS credit memo. (Hotfix ID: 1000016976)
  • The Quantity field was getting truncated at two decimal places, in the XML file generated on posting of the supplier invoice. This has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000019435)

Purchase Requests and Orders

  • The Down Payment Credit Item Association on the Root of the Supplier Invoice is now PSM released. (Hotfix ID: 1000016087)




*Disclaimer: Note that this list may not include all of the hotfixes that are a part of this collection (e.g., operational, internal, technical fixes may not be listed).

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