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3259813 - What is and How to Find the Historic Valuation Amount in Foreign Currency Remeasurement Run for Cash


You have executed a foreign currency remeasurement run for cash and checked the results. You understand from where the Balance Amount and Key Date Valuations comes, but you do not know how to find the Historic Valuation Amount through reports.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Payment Management work center.
  2. Go to Foreign Currency Remeasurement Runs view.
  3. Open the respective run.
  4. Go to Remeasured Balances.

For a given entry, refer to the column Historic Valuation Amount. You wish to understand from where it comes from.


The Historic Valuation Amount is the continuous cumulation of ALL bank transactions in company currency for the exchange rate pair. The amount is comprehensible when checking the G/L Account - Line Items report.

In the report, give as:

  • Selection: company, set of books, G/L Account, bank account ID and accounting period/year. The accounting period/year should have all previous accounting periods/years up to (and including) the period/year for which the run is being executed.
  • Characteristics: as a suggestion, remove the 'Journal Entry Item' and make sure that you have 'Company', 'G/L Account', 'Journal Entry', 'Journal Entry Type', 'Profit Center' and 'Segment'.
  • Key Figures: make sure to have Balance in Transaction Currency and Balance in Company Currency.
  • Filters: apply a filter by journal entry type and remove types like 'Foreign Currency Remeasurement' and 'Revsl of Foreign Currency Remeasurement'.

After that, check the total balance of key figure 'Balance Company Currency', which will be a match with the Historic Valuation Amount.

Obs: Be aware that the Historic Valuation Amount can also be distinguished further by profit center and segment assignments. If you have posted bank statements with different combinations of profit center and segment, you'll need to filter accordingly in the report for each combination. The run will consider each combination separately, as the differences needs to be posted with the respective profit center and segment.

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