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3260275 - Error When Generating Outbound File -File format is not consistent


You have created a new payment structure as a copy of another custom payment structure. When generating the outbound file, an error message appears: 'File format <payment structure ID> is not consistent'


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Payment Management work center.
  2. Go to the Payment Monitor view.
  3. Find the respective payment.
  4. Generate a new outbound file via Actions button and/or open the existing file.
  5. In the outbound file,  click Display Log.

You see the following error: 'File format <payment structure ID> is not consistent'


There are many reasons for the payment structure to be inconsistent. Once of them is a syntax error originated from the copy process, that is mostly just limited to the checkboxes of the file structure properties Carriage Return and Line Feed. Both of them can be easily corrected when editing the file structure after the copy.

Apart from that, the data source 'Sequence Number' may have been created with wrong reference to another tree node in backend during the copy.


In order to fix these errors, you need to perform a dummy change in the payment file structure as follows:

  1. Go to the Business Configuration work center and access the Outgoing Bank Transfer fine-tune activity. 
  2. Press Edit payment file structures.
  3. Select and edit the affected payment structure.
  4. In step 1, make a dummy change to the Carriage Return and Line Feed checkboxes (mark them if they are unmarked and vice versa).
  5. Save your change.
  6. Revert the change and save again.
  7. Navigate to step 3.
  8. Go through all Records and all Fields to check which ones have a filed with Data Source as Sequence Numbers.
  9. For all fields with Sequence Number, change them to any other data source.
  10. Save your changes.
  11. Revert the changes (for example, assign Sequence Number as data source again) and save.

After the above, you can navigate to the Payment Monitor and trigger a new Outbound File for the relevant payment.

If the issue persists, raise an incident to support with the payment order ID and approval for support to create new outbound files.


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