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This is a collection of useful articles related to Workflows and its features.


SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central


Workflows can automate business processes and ensure data quality. With SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, you have the full capability of automated approval process that controls change to employee and corporate data.

For Complete implementation of workflows you can refer the help document Workflows Implementation Guide.

Workflows have following main features.

  • Workflows
  • Reminders, Escalation & Auto Approvals
  • Standard & Custom Emails
  • Managing Workflow requests.
  • Workflow Delegation - 2080882


a) Implementation: Below are the few KBA’s which will help you in implementing various scenarios in workflows. 

  • 2277529 - How to Create a Workflow
  • 2461978 - How to Configure Workflows for Foundation Objects (FOO)
  • 2536851 - Business Rule: How to Configure business Rule to Trigger Workflow Depending on Login User's Attributes/ Criteria
  • 2285218 - Custom Relationship Type Support in EC Workflow

b) Common Issues: 

  • 2717603 - After submitting the workflow, the changes are automatically saved
  • 2928718 - Target managers cannot see Workflow detail
  • 2963502 - Workflow not being triggered when the Job Change comes from Compensation Module
  • 3221781- Workflow do not trigger for future hires for recently added relationships
  • 3221249 - Role name appears instead of workflow approver's name
  • 2968958 - First name, Middle name and Last name fields are show for new hire workflow - Employee Central
  • 2987218 - Delete operation on Job Relationships do not trigger workflow

c) Best Practices:

  • 2589924 - Configuring a Business Rule for Termination Workflow
  • 2469253 - Business Rule Workflow Trigger for Home Address Changes Only

      Reminders, Escalation & Auto Approvals

      a) Implementation:

      • To process the triggered workflows in effective way we have different workflow features to process them without stalling, they are Reminders, Escalations and Auto Approvals.
      • To configure workflow features kindly go through Workflow Features implementation guide.

      Also please refer below KBA’s

      • 2079471 - Reminder Notifications for Stalled Workflows in Employee Central
      • 2308694 - Automatic Escalation of Workflows - Employee Central
      • 2552343 - Auto-approval of a Workflow in Employee Central

      b) Common Issues:

      • 2719458 - Workflow reminder for Initiator – Partner
      • 2872820 - How to configure auto decline for Workflows?
      • 2504609 - Workflow escalation - The last escalation recurring step is not working
      • 2462081 - Workflow Auto Escalation job failed

      c) Best Practices:

      • If you also have a recurring job for reminders, make sure that Escalation, auto approval & Reminder jobs are not running at the same time. To avoid it from happening, you can make one job as the dependent job of the other one.
      • If Escalation and Auto Approval both are configured for a workflow, then escalation will be declined as workflow will be auto approved in specified days.

      Standard & Custom Emails

          a) Implementation:

          • Upon a workflow action, such as initiation, approval, and rejection, workflow participants receive to-do alerts as well as email notifications.
          • To define these notifications, you can use standard templates or create custom ones with Document Generation. Document Generation allows you to tailor-make templates for different roles and various workflow actions.
          • For more information kindly refer Standard and Custom emails guide. 
          • 2308572 - Email Notification Templates and their Target Recipients
          • 2558070 - Workflows: Custom Workflow Notifications

          b) Common Issues:

          • 2540846 - Cannot Update Default Template for Employee Central Email Notifications.
          • 2722939 - Custom email notifications show tags / source
          • 2632511 - Workflow Participant Receives Two Email Notifications for the Same Workflow
          • 2606814 - Custom workflow template behaviour for direct mapped and rule mapped fields
          • 2877411 - Some CC Role Types receive the Custom Workflow Notifications while others receive the Standard Workflow Notifications
          • 2748501 - Which Email ID will be used by system to send EC email notifications?
          • 2697079 - Not all CC Roles receive an email notification

          c) Best Practices:

          • 2792057 - How to insert hyperlink or custom URL in standard email notification template
          • 2952440 - How to decrease or increase the spacing between elements in Custom Email Notification?
          • 2633685 - Email Notification Name Format – EC
          • 2911644 - RECIPIENT_NAME in email notifications
          • 2620217 - Consolidated Single Workflow Email Notification for Approver and CC Roles
          • 2489046 - Behaviour of SUBJECT_USER Email Tags in GO Workflows
          • 2778762 - How to prevent sending email notification on workflows
          • 2585191 - Email is not getting triggered

          Managing Workflow requests.

              a) Implementation:

              • As an admin, you can review all active workflow requests in the system and act upon them centrally. For example, if a workflow is routed to an inactive user or you want to clean up workflows whose initiators have left the company, you can change approvers or decline the requests to cancel them.

                        For More information please refer Manage Workflow Requests 

              • 2545761 - List of Request Types Available in Manage Workflow Requests
              • 2473566 - Manage Workflow Requests: Professional Edition
              • 2720480 - Does Manage Workflow Requests Respect Permissions?
              • 2787479 - Enabling Four-Eyes Principle on Workflow Step Approvals - Employee Central
              • 2616208 - Workflows: How to enable the "View Completed Workflows" permission in Role-Based Permissions (Data Blocking)
              • 2450594 - Mass workflow Approval Page
              • 3106665 - Employee Central Workflow Tasks on the Latest Home Page – FAQ

              b) Common Issues:

              • 2315991 - "Pending Requests" Option Is Not Showing
              • 2427359 - incorrect workflow triggered for termination when using the 'deactivate position' = Yes
              • 2374365 -  Workflow Skip Logic - Employee Central
              • 2880347 - My Workflow Requests - Objects data (Job Classification, Location, Company, Cost Center, Business Unit, Division, Department)
              • 2932234 - View Approval History button for a custom MDF Object
              • 3060530 - Mass decline workflows.
              • 2536726 - Initiator Cannot Update Workflow for Work Permit When Request is Sent Back
              • 2367938 - Manage Workflow Requests: Cannot search for Position Workflow Requests
              • 2735704 - Manage Workflow Request: Request Type is Generic for MDF Workflow Requests
              • 2474913 - Error Message "Termination workflow request already exists for this user." When Terminating an Employee.
              • 2901124 - Unable to See Details of a Workflow Regardless of Permissions in Employee Central

              c) Best Practices:

              • 2646588 - Stalled Workflow Requests missing after applying to new Homepage
              • 2469619 - Employee name not shown in workflow request when using customer string as type=worker
              • 2711654 - Workflow requests Assign To Me - Employee Central
              • 2440382 - Request Type values are missing in Manage Workflow Requests
              • 2768638 - Manage Workflow Requests With Invalid Approvers
              • 2492592 - Filters in the My Workflow Requests Page Shows no Data

              Troubleshooting of workflow issues

              • 2908724 - Workflow to Support Quick Fix in Check Tool Feature
              • 2676253 - Check Tool: Workflow ToDo Checks - (ToDoWithInactiveUser) (ToDoWithInvalidStatusWorkflow) (ToDoWithMissingWorkflow)
              • 2805212 - Workflow Check Tool and Configuration

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