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Reproducing the Issue


Compensation Information – Recurring Payments (LOD-SF-EC-CMP-REC)

All issues relating to payComponentRecurring HRIS-Element

Compensation Information – Spot Bonus & Non-Recurring Payments (LOD-SF-EC-CMP- NRE)

All issues relating to payComponentNonRecurring HRIS-Element

Compensation Information – Pay Scale Structure, Increase & grade step progression (LOD-SF-EC-CMP-PSC)

  •  Pay Scale Structre Issues
  •  Pay Scale Increase (Mange Pay Increase/ Adjust Employee’s Compensation to Tariff Changes)
  • Grade Step Progression (Off Cycle Event Batch)

Compensation Information – PCG’s & Compa/Range (Pay Ranging) + Charts (LOD-SF-EC-CMP-CAL)

  • Pay Component Groups
  • Compa Ratio
  • Range Penetration
  • Pay Range Derivation
  • Compensation Widgets
  • Exchange Rates

Compensation Information – History or MSS UI + Workflow “In-flight updates” (LOD-SF-EC-CMP-UI)

  • History UI display issues
  • MSS UI display issues
  • Workflow "In-flight updates" display issues

 Compensation Information – Business Rules (LOD-SF-EC-CMP-RUL)

Issues with Business Rules Triggered on Comp Info

Compensation Information – Forward Propagation (LOD-SF-EC-CMP-FOR)

Forward propagation Issues

Compensation Information – Events, Derivation (LOD-SF-EC-CMP-EVN)

Event Reason Derivation issues

 Compensation Information – Alternate Cost Distribution (LOD-SF-EC-CMP-ACD)

All issues relating to Alternate Cost Distribution feature

Compensation Information – Compensation Information Role-Based Permissions (LOD-SF-EC-CMP-RBP)

Role Based Permissions Cases for the Compensation information and History UIs including field level permissions.



  • Implementation
  • Best Practices
  • Display Logic and Troubleshooting
  • Common Issues




Some features need to be enabled in Provisioning to enable Compensation, the permissions need to be correctly granted and the required fields need to be enabled in the Data Models. To know which fields are these, please check the Implementation Guide:

 To know which fields must be enabled for the HRIS Elements compInfo, payComponentRecurring and payComponentNonRecurring, please check the Implementation Guide:

Pay components are Foundation Objects required while using Compensation. To know more about the functionality of the fields in the Pay Components and how to create them, please check:




The compensation information can be updated at the same time for many users through Import Employee Data. However, it is not possible to import compensation and pay components in a single file. To correctly import the data in the whole compensation information portlet, it is required to make two imports, one for each entity: Compensation Information and Pay Component Recurring.

Note: it is not required to import a new compensation record in case there is already a record with the effective date of the pay component recurring import. In this case, if only the pay components need to be updated in an existing compensation record, only one import can be done.

Pay Scales:

Examples of business rules:


The compensation portlet is divided into some sections: the first one shows the Pay Component Groups available for the employees, based on the existing pay components. All the Pay Component Groups configured to be displayed in the profile will appear in this portlet if they include the pay components assigned to the user.

After the Pay Component Groups, we can see the regular compensation fields configured in compInfo element under Manage Business Configuration. On this section we have the fields automatically calculated, like the Compa Ratio and Range Penetration, and the regular standard and custom fields.

The section corresponding to the Pay Component Recurring element is also displayed in the Compensation portlet, and it is divided into two parts: for regular pay components and for target/deductions pay components.

When the Currency and Frequency fields are not mandatory and are not defined during the change, they will be defaulted on as the values configured in the Pay Components.

It is also possible to configure Compensation Widgets in the portlet, as explained in the KBAs:

All the fields and elements related to the compensation are configured under:

  • Manage Business Configuration: all custom and standard fields are configured under the compInfo, payComponentRecurring and payComponentNonRecurring elements. The compInfo fields can also be configured as Country/Region-specific. On BCUI we can configure the characteristics of the fields displayed, like the label, the translations, the type or if they are mandatory or not.
  • Manage Organization, Pay and Job Structures: all Foundation Objects like Pay Components and Pay Range are configured on this feature.
  • Manage Data: Pay Groups are defined here.


Imports and Forward propagation:


Rounding of fields, pay component groups and change in existing pay components:

Reports and PayComponent Group Sums Sync Job:



Pay Grade:

Pay Component order:

Recurring or non-recurring:


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