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3266266 - [Onboarding]New Hire Data Review task not loading with complete candidate data post initiation of Onboarding of the candidate


One a new hire's Onboarding is initiated, the candidate's data does not load in the New Hire Data Review step immediately for the assigned responsible user whose target population is based on standard field with HRIS Sync Mapping.


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Based on HRIS Sync configuration in the customer's instance the filter used for the target group might be synced to some other field. This is a custom mapping. HRIS Sync triggered from Onboarding won't sync Custom Mappings. Such data will be synced only through HRIS Sync Scheduled Job. This is known current known system behavior.


Possible options to fix this issue: 

1) Use DG Filter instead of Custom HRIS Sync Mappings to apply RBP

For example, Configure DG filter JobInfo - company field  in Admin Center-> Manage Business Configuration.

Steps to follow:

Approach 1:

1. Go to Admin Center-> Manage Business Configuration;
2. From the left hand side panel, expand Filters-> Dynamic Group Filters-> Click on Create New
3. In the page that loads, select Filter Type as Permission Group Filter -> Click on Details
4. Under Hris Elements-> select Hris Element Reference as Job Information(jobInfo), provide value for "extend by N days". In the details section, select the field id in Hris Field reference.
5. This will set the DG filter for Job Information applicable upto value provided for "extend by N days" and data for permission group will be fetched from JobInfo.

More information on how to setup DG Filters can be found in

Approach 2:

1. Go to Provisioning
2. Click on "Import/Export Data Model" under "Succession Management"
3. Export File and keep copy of same as backup.
4. Edit the file (XML) and add the new extend by n days parameter to the dynamic group filter to the jobInfo HRIS Element. May create an SAP Cloud Support ticket to update the Succession Data Model (SDM).
   <hris-element-ref refid="jobInfo" extend-by-n-days="60">
      <hris-field-ref refid="company"/>
5. Perform Step 2 again and Import edited file (XML)
6. Logout and Login as Application User.
7. Test on a new candidate.

Note: extend-by-n-days value can be appropriately set based on customer need. Value 60 is just an example.

2) Increase the frequency of HRIS Sync to run more frequently like every 30 mins or so. This will make sure to apply appropriate group within 30 mins.

Note: This Option is specific to the scenario where legal entity standard field is configured- Instead of depending on Legal Entity, apply RBP over standard country field (this approach may not work if group has to be segregated differently between legal entities that fall under same country). And we have a known issue when configured RBP over country, provide additional data won't be able to apply target group correctly. 


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