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3266815 - Error Message "Number <CENTRAL_PERSON> is already assigned to partner <BP number> for ID type HCM033" Displayed After Replication


When updating worker information in any channels, the following error message raised:

"Number <CENTRAL_PERSON> is already assigned to partner <BP number> for ID type HCM033"

Message no. R1477


 SAP S/4HANA Cloud


You already have an employment BP, but the supplier role was added manually to employee BP instead of employment BP. As per the New Business Partner Model, supplier role should be part of employment BP. When you perform any update for this worker afterward, you will get this error because ID type HCM033 is part of a separate employment BP, but the supplier role is incorrectly added to the employee BP.


For successful replication, remove the supplier role from Employee Business Partner. After that add the supplier role to Employment BP automatically by sending payment information during employee replication (recommended way) or add the supplier role to Employment BP manually.

You can follow the steps mentioned below to archive supplier role from Employee BP first. (Role Requirement: SAP_BR_DATA_PRIVACY_SPECIALIST role is required to view the applications mentioned below.)

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. For the business partner, change end date to a past date for FLVN000 role via Maintain Business Partner app.
  2. Go to ILM Audit Areas app, select "Archiving" as the Audit Area and click on Continue button.
  3. Click Edit button and select the checkbox adjacent to "FI_ACCPAYB", click on Save button.
  4. Go to ILM Policies app, enter the following values and click on New button.
    Policy Category: Residence rules
    Audit Area: ARCHIVING
    ILM Object: FI_ACCPAYB
  5. Enter a Policy Name, then select the "APPL_NAME" from Available Condition Fields and click on the arrow to move it to Selected Condition Fields. Click on Save button.
  6. Click on Edit Rules button. In the Next Screen enter following values and click on Save button.
    Application Name: ERP_VEND
    Residence Period: 1
    Residence Prd Unit: Day
    Time Ref.: Start of Retention Period
  7. Click on Change Status button to change the Policy Status from "Not Live" to "Live".
  8. Go to Scheduling Block Suppliers app, click on Create button and navigate till step 3 Parameters. In step 3 Parameters, in Supplier field enter the Employee BP number, select "Complete" in Detail Log and select "Production Mode", then click on Schedule button to block the suppliers.
  9. After the job runs, go to Maintain Business Partner app and open the BP. Navigate to Status tab, where you can see the Archiving flag checked.
  10. After the data is blocked, the blocked data remains in the database. 
    The data manager can delete the blocked supplier master data from the database using the corresponding archiving objects in Manage Archiving Variants app by searching for "FI_ACCPAYB".
    Click on Add New Variant button and Enter the following values, then click on Save button.
    Name: anything Variant
    Type: Write
    Action: Data Destruction
    To be archived: FI
    Supplier: Employee BP number
  11. Select All Variants tab and go inside newly created variant and click on Schedule Archiving button.
  12. Monitor archiving jobs to make sure it runs successfully.

After archiving supplier role from Employee BP, now you can add the supplier role to employment BP using Worker replication channels by adding payment information. However you also have an option to add the supplier role to the employment BP manually.

For the detail, please see SAP Note 3149360 - Manual Vendor Creation for Workforce Person

Please refer to this link for more details on new BP model: New Business Partner Model in SAP S/4HANA Cloud

If the error still remains, report an case using the component CA-WFD-INT. You can find some best practices on how to create a new case on KBA 2563519.


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