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3267129 - Understanding the expected behaviors when confirming BPs in C4C Live Activity


  • You are using Live Activity integrated with 3rd party providers
  • You would like to understand what are the expected behaviors when searching and indentifying Business Partners and other objects in Live Activity


  • SAP Cloud for Customer
  • SAP Cloud for Service
  • SAP Cloud for Sales
  • Live Activity


  • By default and per design, the system will always allow users to confirm a Business Partner(BP) or link a ticket to a BP at any given time. This action is available for all objects.
  • Case of multiple possible callers:
    • Suppose the Automatic Number Identification(ANI) number sent by the CTI has been assigned to many BPs in Master Data.
    • In such case, the system will display a message saying "Many Possible Callers."
    • At this point, the Live Activity Center will display many possible options from the search results, and the agent needs to confirm one of those options (see "Live Activity Actions")
  • Case of single customer identified:
    • If the system has the Customer Hub enabled, and there is a single BP identified based on the search, then the Customer Hub window will open automatically.
    • There will be no need to confirm the account or individual customer.
  • In the Live Activity Work Center, agents can perform a manual search or when the CTI pushes the correct payload based on the channel used. See "Use Live Activity Search" and KBA 3267127.
      • For example, when a phone call is passed to the solution, two searches can take place:
        1. An automatic search on the ANI information (for inbound calls) displays any matching caller information on the incoming call notification.
        2. Default search when the Live Activity Center opens based on information passed by your interactive voice response (IVR) system.
      • If the CTI uses an IVR (Interactive Voice Response), the default search includes the following parameters, and you will need to use the "Custom Live Activity Customer Search BAdI Exit":
        • Phone number: returns any contacts, accounts or individual customers containing a matching phone number
        • Serial ID: returns any matching registered products
        • Ticket ID: returns any matching tickets
        • Additional information relayed from the IVR system will appear at the top right of the Live Activity Center.
        • The default search ignores this additional information.
        • You can configure the search parameters to exclude Serial ID and Ticket ID.

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