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3268855 - How to capture End to End Trace for Advanced Features / Tunnel / Principal Propagation issues in SAP Analytics Cloud


You have been requested by the support team to capture an End to End Trace for log analysis to troubleshoot issues with the following connection types;

  • Live Data Connection (Tunnel) to SAP BW using SAML SSO
  • Live Data Connection (Direct) to SAP BW using SAML SSO with Advanced Features enabled
  • Scheduling issues based on Live Data Connections (Tunnel or Advanced Features) to SAP BW using SAML SSO

The steps below will guide you on how to obtain the required traces, required for further analysis


  • SAP Analytics Cloud
  • SAP BTP Cloud Connector
  • SAP Web Dispatcher & SAP ICM
  • SAP NetWeaver & SAP Business Warehouse


To investigate the complete authentication workflow between SAP Analytics Cloud and the BW backend, when Principal Propagation is involved, the following traces will be required;

Product NameRequired Trace (s)Additional Help Resources
SAP Analytics Cloud (End User's Browser, where the Connection is created)
  • Network Trace / HAR File

2280022 - How to collect HTTP archive files (HAR) files in SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP BTP Cloud Connector
  • ljs_trace.log
  • Payload / Traffic Trace (<subaccount>.trc)

2452568 - Log and Trace files for SAP Cloud Connector

Optional: Web Dispatcher (Only required if Web Dispatcher is used as Load Balancer)
  • dev_webdisp file
SAP Internet Communication Manager (ICM)
  • ICM Trace (Level 2 Minimum)
BW Logon Procedure
  • SM50 Trace

Step 1: Configuring the required trace levels

Note: Prior to making these changes, please take a note of the current trace levels, and remember to repeat the below steps to change back to default setting after the traces have been captured

SAP BTP Cloud Connector

  1. Log in to Cloud Connector Cockpit
  2. Navigate to Log and Trace Files
  3. Set "Cloud Connector Loggers" to All
  4. Set "Other Loggers" to All
  5. Set Payload Trace to "Yes"

For more assistance, refer to KBA 2452568 - Log and Trace files for SAP Cloud Connector, or contact the BC-MID-SCC Support Team


  1. Log on to BW System via SAP Logon / SAP GUI
  2. Go to SMICM Transaction
  3. Click Goto > Trace > Level > Set to 3

For more information please refer to wiki - or contact the BC-CST-IC Support Team


  1. Log on to BW System via SAP Logon / SAP GUI
  2. Go to transaction SM50 (process list)
  3. Press F5 on your keyboard (select all),
  4. Press CTRL-Shift-F7 to open Dialog box;
  5. Set Trace Level = 3 and check the "Security","ICF" and "Crypto Lib" components

For more information please refer to blog - or contact the BC-SEC-LGN Support Team

Network Trace

  1. Open SAP Analytics Cloud on your browser (Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome)
  2. Open Developer Tools (Top right Vertical Dots > More Tools > Developer Tools)
  3. Click "Network Tab"
  4. Click "Preserve Log" and "Disable Cache"

For more information please refer to KBA 2280022 - How to collect HTTP archive files (HAR) files in SAP Analytics Cloud or contact the LOD-ANA-LDC-HAN Support Team

Step 2: Reproducing the workflow in SAP Analytics Cloud

Now that the required trace levels have been set, please reproduce the issue eg. Create the Connection from SAC and receive the error

Step 3: Capturing and saving the traces

Now that the issue has been reproduced, you can capture the following files, ready to be attached to the SAP Case

Network Trace

  1. Right Click the failing request (usually shown as a GetServerInfo request) in red under the "Name" column of Developer Tools
  2. Click "Save all as HAR with Content"


  1. On SAP Logon / SAP GUI go to transaction SE38;
  2. Execute the program RSMON000_DOWNLOAD_TRACES;
  3. Select the option to provide only "dialog work processes";
  4. Select the option to compress first (as .SAR);
  5. Select the save/download button


  1. On SAP Logon / SAP GUI go to transaction SMICM
  2. Click Goto > Trace file > Display All
  3. Save as Local File > unconverted

SAP BTP Cloud Connector

  1. Go to Cloud Connector "Log and Trace Files" Menu
  2. Select ljs_trace.log and traffic.trc rows
  3. Click Download

Step 4: Attach End to End trace to the SAP Case

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