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3279276 - User Activation Failed Error in Embedded SAC (C4C)


You are setting up embedded SAC in your C4C system. When you try to activate users, you get the error: User Activation Failed.

In other scenarios, the activation may go through, however the users cannot create stories due to error messages such as:

Login to SAP Analytics failed


  • Cloud for Customer
  • Embedded SAC

Reproducing the Issue

The exact steps depend on the scenario. For example:

  1. Go to the work center Business Analytics and the view Common Tasks.
  2. Click Manage Users for SAC.
  3. Select a user and click Activate.

You will get the error User Activation Failed.


When choosing a IdP Subject Name Identifier in C4C and in IdP, note that the user / e-mail you enter is case sensitive.

If the SSO / IdP setup is complete and this issue still occurs, it may be because the chosen user is upper case in C4C and lower case or mixed in IdP.

C4C always changes user IDs to upper cases, so for example, even if you enter the user ID User1 in C4C, the system changes this to USER1. This is how you will see the users in the Administrator work center.

Multiple users with same e-mail (409 Conflict).


In your IdP system, the users need to be upper case as well. In SAP IAS, the IdP system by SAP, there is a function called "Apply Function to Subject Name Identifier". Here you can choose upper case or lower case. This setting will ensure that for that particular application (embedded SAC in C4C, in this example), the user IDs will be considered as upper case / lower case, depending on your setting. So if you IdP users are maintained in lower case, you can make use of this feature.

Note that we cannot comment on the availability of this feature in other IdP systems.

For e-mail addresses, please ensure that it's maintained in the same way in  both C4C and IdP. You can change the e-mail address as required in C4C as well as in IdP.

For example, is not the same as or Please ensure they are the same between the 2 systems.


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