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3280313 - SAP Business ByDesign 2211 Hotfix Collection 2 Information


Following is the list of fixes* delivered with the Hotfix collection 2 performed in 2211 release of SAP Business ByDesign.

The Hotfix collection is planned to be deployed to tenants during the respective planned maintenance window on/after the 10th of December 2022. Please check the planned maintenance downtime window of your tenant from the Service Control Center.


SAP Business ByDesign 2211


Cross - Area Topic

UI Client

  • The following issues have been fixed:
    • E-mail template could not be opened.
    • Data was missing after adjusting the size while printing a report. (Hotfix ID: 1000022180. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)
  • The issue preventing the enhancement of forms with extension fields has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500017986. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)
  • SAP Ariba catalog item could not be taken back to SAP Business ByDesign after opening the external link. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500018009. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)
  • The issue with the wrong configuration for the cloud host in the allowed list of external links has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500018673. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)
  • The following issues have been fixed:
    • Public holiday was updated wrongly for an employee.
    • Screen in Project Management using the 'Quartz Dark' theme showed white characters in front of a light grey background. (Hotfix ID: 4500018673)
  • The following issues have been fixed:
    • Uploading the approval information for invoicing document as a single field value was failing.
    • Several empty pages were created by scaling the Print view. (Hotfix ID: 1000019285. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)

Business Task Management

  • Customer Return Approval tasks are now visible under the Managing My Area-> Approvals view, as expected. (Hotfix ID: 1000022091. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)
  • The following issues have been fixed:
    • The application error preventing correct replication of new tasks to the Task Center.
    • The application error causing incorrect translation of the REST service name to be displayed on the Communication Arrangement UI. (Hotfix ID: 4500018693)

Machine Learning

  • With the fix provided, the RAW field can now be selected as a target field during Scenario Creation for Machine Learning Cockpit. (Hotfix ID: 1000022240)

Service Control Center

  • The fix provided improves the reliability of user subscription data. (Hotfix ID: 4500018832)

Output Management

  • Cloud Print Manager Installer is now upgraded to the latest patch level (SAP CLOUD PRINT MNGR 770 Patch 4) in the SAP Business ByDesign Download Center. (Hotfix ID: 4500014527)

Analytics Tools & Framework

  • In the Machine Learning Cockpit some joint data sources were not correctly processed. This issue has been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000021473)

Retention Management

  • The fix provided includes:
    • Correction of rare errors when disclosing persons with a huge amount of data.
    • Correction of internal errors when performing the life cycle analysis run. (Hotfix ID: 1000018927)

Migration Workbench

  • The Mass Data Maintenance application was resulting in a 500 internal error (runtime) at times, due to migration object inconsistencies. These have now been corrected. (Hotfix ID: 1000018348)  


Customer Relationship Management

Customer Invoicing

  • For an OTC document having multiple kit items with different quantities, the quantity for some of the kit items was not updated correctly. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500017573)
  • With this fix for the India customer invoice, the JSON file now considers the same date as that of the journal entry for the exchange rate and has the same values as the accounting document. (Hotfix ID: 1000020224)

Tax Calculation

  • With the fix provided, the errors that were appearing while creating a new BC for Tax Type in SAP Cloud Application Studio, for non-localized tax countries have now been resolved. (Hotfix ID: 1000018135. The fix has already been delivered as a patch.)
  • In the case of jurisdiction codes that involved documents with multiple items and country, state, and county taxes for the US, there was a mismatch of the postal code region. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000020223)

Sales Order

  • The issue preventing project task assignment at the item level from sales quote to the sales order, has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000020636. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)


  • You can now get the new SAP Business ByDesign add-in for Microsoft Outlook from the SAP Business ByDesign Download Center. (Hotfix ID: 1000019515. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)

Pricing Calculation

  • This fix resolves the application error that occurs when the Codelist type extension field is derived from a BCO. Previously, only that code list created via Key User Tools was supported. Now, this can be done via PDI solutions as well. (Hotfix ID: 4500019291)


Financial Management

Tax Management & Declaration

  • The new tax rate of 5% VAT for Spain in Point-Of-Sale (POS) or external documents could not be selected manually. With this fix, a new tax code and tax event (both 320) have been provided so that it can be used based on the business need. The documents posted with this new tax code get reported in the 'Tax Return' and 'SII - Outgoing Invoices' tax returns for Spain. (Hotfix ID: 1000021383)
  • For Mexico, when the reverse charge tax code was used with ISR withholding tax, at the time of invoice payment, the withholding base amount and tax amount were calculated incorrectly. With this fix, the base amount and tax amount during the invoice creation have been corrected. (Hotfix ID: 1000020486)
  • The Summary Layout mapping entries in the Business Configuration fine-tuning activity for the Italy 'Summary Register' tax return have now been opened for maintenance by end users. This will enable end users to maintain the summary layout mapping entries by themselves based on their business needs. (Hotfix ID: 1000020855)
  • In version 13 of the Ukraine Outgoing tax invoice XML, the tax amount tag RXXXXG11_10 is now rounded off up to 6 decimal places. (Hotfix ID: 1000021721)
  • The tax number type value for the 'VAT Registration Number' for most countries is '1'. But this value can also be another number (other than '1') for instance, Bulgaria. Based on this value 1, the tax code determined earlier (before this fix) by the Spain decision tree was incorrect. Now, a blank value is passed for the PartnerTaxNumber parameter in the Spain decision tree, so that the correct tax code is determined. (Hotfix ID: 4500013889)
  • Low Value Asset can now be used as a filter in the Schedule of Fixed Asset-Global report and the Investment Allowance status will be auto-set to Completed once the Fixed Asset is Retired. (Hotfix ID: 4500013338)
  • For Spain, a new tax event and a tax code 170 (Acquisition by Travel Agencies under DA4) have been introduced for non-deductible tax rate types. The description of this new tax event and tax code is 'Acquisition by Travel Agencies under DA4. (Hotfix ID: 4500017825)
  • For the country IL, VAT PCN874 tax return file record 'K' had the invoice date populated from positions 11 to 19 (both included) instead of the posting date. With this bug fix, the posting date is populated in record K instead of the invoice date. (Hotfix ID: 1000018829. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)

Financial Accounting

  • Inventory Re-valuation is now triggered during the reversal process of Manual Postings. (Hotfix ID: 1000020637)
  • With this fix, the current limitation in payments is removed and during the reversal of payments with cash discounts that relate to landed costs, the discount amount now reflects correctly on the clearing set of the supplier invoices. This removes the need for a manual write-up/write-down journal entry in such a case. (Hotfix ID: 4500018455)
  • During Fixed Asset Migration using the simple and extended template, there is an option now to enter the field Work Shift-Dependent Depreciation (Percent) from the template. (Hotfix ID: 4500017467)
  • With the fix provided, the negative posting will not be allowed for journal entries for the set of books, where negative posting is marked as not allowed. (Hotfix ID: 4500014848)
  • The preceding document in the accounting notification has now been PSM released and is available to be used for partner development. (Hotfix ID: 1000019286. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)

Payment Management

  • When executing payment media run for outgoing cheques, the cheques which were in cancellation approval also got picked by payment media run and the status was getting updated to "in transfer" internally and making the instance inconsistent.  With the fix provided, changes have been introduced to not pick up the instances which are in cancel approval. (Hotfix ID: 4500019931)
  • With this fix, the Bank statement items post-processing link opens the allocation screen quickly. (Hotfix ID: 4500017826)

Cost & Revenue

  • In IFRS15 scenario, some sales orders had errors during revenue recognition, causing other sales orders to fail along with them. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000018518)

Statutory Reporting

  • 'BKMVDATA file content is now enhanced with the following topics.
    • Summary Accounts are now removed from the file. Prior to this, summary accounts were part of the file, causing duplicate amounts.
    • All GL Accounts are now part of the file. Prior to this, only GL Accounts having some transactions in the given accounting period were part of the file. (Hotfix IDs: 4500019232, 1000021004)

General Ledger

  • The association Item.MiscellaneousLedgerAccountItem (MSCLA_ITEM) is now PSM write-released and partners can access the node data. (Hotfix ID: 4500013909)
  • 'Manage Journal Entry API' for Canada could not be used due to an issue with reading the Canada region code. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500019067)

Set of Books

  • The Currency Conversion field of Business Object Set of Books is now PSM released with read access for Custom development. (Hotfix ID: 4500019563)


  • The issue with the 'Created By' parameter in the advanced filter for receivables balance confirmation has been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500016737)


  • With the fix provided Landed Cost Components are now considered in the Actual Costing. (Hotfix ID: 4500015959)

Clearing House Payment Order

  • This fix provides a renewed certificate for the integration with the service provider, Computop Inc. for Credit card processing with ByDesign. (Hotfix ID: 4500019442)

Accounting Lease Management

  • AccountingDocument.Item.LeaseContractUUID and AccountingDocument.Item.LeaseContractObjectUUID have been PSM read-released and associated with AccountingDocument.Item. (Hotfix ID: 1000020266)

Expense Report

  • The UK advisory fuel rates have been updated from December 1, 2022, based on the legal change. (Hotfix ID: 1000018766)

Payment Processing

  • The issue where an approval task was sent to multiple users, including unauthorized users has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000020927)
  • FCRE GL (Foreign Currency Remeasurement Run for General Ledger) postings  of journal entry type code ‘00069’ and its reversal postings of journal entry type code ‘90069’ are no longer displayed in the General Ledger Accounts Open Items Manager (OIM) UI, as these postings were not supposed to be displayed in the General Ledger Accounts OIM. (Hotfix ID: 1000020705)

Analytics Content

  • Sales Documents Actual Costing - Cost Breakdown (Item Type) showed the value doubled in valuation quantity when material and service items were present in the breakdown. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000022260)


Project Management

Project Processing

  • The generic search field of the Project Stock Order list in the Project Management work center did not consider the project's name as a search relevant field. The issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000022190)
  • When a Project Stock Order is created via UI the Product Requirement Specification is determined by the system. When the Project Stock Order is created via PDI or service, the Product Requirement Specification was not determined. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500015498)
  • The following actions of Business Object ProjectBaseline, node Root are released for PSM and can be consumed in projects in SAP Cloud Application Studio or in a Custom OData Service:
    • Activate
    • SubmitForApproval
    • WithdrawFromApproval
    • SendBackForRevision
    • Approve (Hotfix ID: 1000021961)
  • The provision date of project expenses was displayed in the time zone of the expense instead of the time zone of the project. This has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000018558)

Customer Project Invoice

  • An expense (for example a Supplier Invoice) contains multiple items. Some expense items in Project Invoicing are marked as relevant for processing in a project invoice request although they should not be. This could lead to an error during the processing of these expense items. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500015559)
  • An issue that could occur when expenses in project invoicing switch between over-invoicing and other scenarios (such as writing expenses off), has been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000020332. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)


Human Capital Management

Time & Labour Management

  • Changing/assigning time recording profile codes to employees via custom solutions, was not possible due to an issue. The issue has now been fixed and time recording profile code of employees can be updated via any custom solution. (Hotfix ID: 4500019211)


Supply Chain Management

Site Logistics Processing

  • When a cost center having multiple cost center attributes was used in screens such scrapping and goods movement, and the actual execution date fell within the validity range of a cost center attribute which was not active, the system showed the error 'Transaction date must be within validity period of cost center xxx', although the cost center was valid during that time. With this fix, the issue has been resolved. (Hotfix ID: 1000019614)

Outbound Delivery

  • On creation of 3PL Outbound Delivery containing materials that have 'Relevant for Outbound Delivery' attachments and multiple Identified Stocks in Outbound Delivery, was resulting in a runtime error in the system. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000018389)

Production Task

  • The production task double printing form issue due to the PDI solution has now been resolved. (Hotfix ID: 4500019910)

Available to Promise Check Run

  • Due to an issue, the confirmation update run was failing for complete delivery orders with sales kit, when the availability check scope on the kit item is set to 'All supply except unfirm receipts'. This issue has been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500017517)


  • The data shown in inventory aging was inconsistent for a particular execution date with and without site as filter criteria. This issue has been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500016747)
  • The performance issues appearing while releasing production orders have now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000018237)


Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier Invoicing

  • With this fix, 'PaymentReferenceIBANIdentifier' is available for a scanned invoice. (Hotfix ID: 4500012189)
  • The errors in the Allocation Document for Numerical cost components have been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500016965)
  • With this fix for the Italy supplier invoice XML, the total amount value is the sum of the individual item amount values. The XML now considers the same values as in the accounting document. (Hotfix ID: 1000020596)

Purchase Requests and Orders

  • UI text adoptions which had led to issues in some partner lookups in Excel reports have now been reverted. (Hotfix ID: 4500016804. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)
  • Financial documents were not created correctly when a purchase order with landed cost items were released due to missing internal formatting of the landed cost components. With the fix provided the format of the landed cost components has been corrected. (Hotfix ID: 4500018395. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)

Open Catalog Interface

  • With this fix for Catalog Integration, you can import items from External catalogs. (Hotfix ID: 4500016026.This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)




*Disclaimer: Note that this list may not include all of the hotfixes that are a part of this collection (e.g., operational, internal, technical fixes may not be listed).

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