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3285159 - Error 'Payments from payment run XX XX are already awaiting approval (SAP BCM)' in Job Template Reverse Payment Run


When scheduling job Reverse Payment Run in app Schedule Accounts Payable Jobs, the job results in the following error in Job Log:

  • 'Payments from payment run XX XX are already awaiting approval (SAP BCM)', Message no. FZ154.

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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to app Schedule Accounts Payable Jobs.
  2. Click on Create.
  3. Select Job Template Reverse Payment Run.
  4. Provide the Mandatory Parameters for ex. Run date = "31.01.2024", Identification= "01R", Reversal Reason = "Wrong Posting (01)".
  5. Schedule the job.
  6. The job finishes with Log Status Error.


In the Manage Automatic Payments app.

  1. Provide the filters for Payment run ex. "01R", Company code ex. "1010"

The Payment batch status is "Payment not in batch" this means that the Payment media is not generated for the payment run.

Scope Item Advanced Cash Operations (J78) is active in the target system.

For, the SSCUI (ID 101025" "Define Basic Settings". Selected Cash Scope is:  "Basic Scope".

SSCUI 102336 "Define Settings for Bank Account Master Data" 

You have assigned Payment Approval Pattern for the Company code 1010.

 Since, the payment approval pattern is assigned to the company code 1010 in SSCUI 102336. The payment run is searching for the Payment Approval.


In the App Manage Bank Accounts for the paying bank account ex. (Bank Account "Bank 1 Giro"  House Bank "DEBK1" House Bank Account "DEAC1").

You have not defined the Payment Approvers because of the settings in the SSCUI 101025 selected Cash Scope is: "Basic Scope".


To Reverse/Reset the cleared Items in your Payment Run XML1

  1. Click on the Clearing Payment Document and if necessary, activate more options by clicking on "More Links" button. Click on "Reset Cleared Items - FBRA":

  2. You will be navigated to Reset cleared items screen.
  3. Click on button Reset cleared items.
  4. Fill in mandatory Reset Reason from options, for example 01 - Wrong posting.
  5. When you return back to Manage Automatic Payments app (by clicking on Exit button), you can see, that the Clearing Payment Item is in status "Payment reversed".


For the future payments with the (Bank Communication Management) BCM active with scope item Advanced Cash Operations (J78).

A.) If you are using Payment Approval workflow then maintain the following necessary configuration.

Maintain the following settings:

  1. In the settings of SSCUI 101025 Define Basic Settings. Select Cash Scope: "Full Scope".
  2. Save the settings.
  3. Maintain the Payment Approval Pattern from the SSCUI 102336 "Define Settings for Bank Account Master Data".
  4. In the Assign Approval Patterns, the priority value has the highest priority and henceforth priority decreases with higher value. For more details do F1 HELP on the Priority field.
  5. In the App Manage Bank Accounts you will be able to maintain the payment approvers.

More detail settings can also be referred in the following blog Payment Approval using Min. Payment Amount.

Note:- Above blog is explained for 3-step approval. You want to use a 2-step approval, or a 3-step approval is depending upon your business requirement. Similarly, Min. amount field is not mandatory setting it depends upon your business requirement.


B.) If the payment approval workflow is not your business requirement with the Scope item Advanced Cash Operations (J78) active.

  1. It is not required to do the settings suggested in the step "A" above.
  2. Maintain the settings for Define Automatic Approval/Rejection.
  3. Provide the company code value.
  4. For a configuration help press F1 help on the Appr/Rjct field.



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