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3292009 - Which Form Template Is Being Used For My Quote?


How to find out which form template is being used for an object.


SAP Cloud for Customer


  • SAP delivers standard templates with the system.
  • You can create template variations for specific languages/ countries.
  • You can add variants.
  • You can create routing rules via the Administration view Form Template Selection.


To see which template is being pulled: 

  1. Go to the Sales work centre > Sales Quotes view
  2. Open the relevant quote
  3. Click Actions > Edit Output Settings
  4. Here you will see the name of the template
  5. Go to the Administration work centre > Form Template Maintenance view
  6. Click Advanced Search and enter the buisness object under 'Template Group', for example 'Sales Quote' > Search
  7. Here you will find all forms maintained for the object. 
  8. You can see if they are published.
  9. You see if there is a country/ language maintained. 
  10. You can see if there are variants (select an entry and navigate to the top of the screen > click 'More' (three dots in the actions menu on the top) and select 'Versions'. 

See Also

SAP Help Portal > Manage Output Forms and Channels > Form Templates

Further (found under same link) : Form Template Selection

In the Form Template Selection view, administrators can create rules that are used to determine which form template is used for the output of a business document under a defined set of conditions. A default assignment of form templates to documents is provided by SAP. If you create new templates, you must create a form template rule to define when the templates are used.


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