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3292558 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) On Forms Flexibility


This KBA lists most common queries related to Forms Flexibility/Form Template.


  • SAP Business ByDesign
  • SAP Cloud for Customer



1. How many types of Forms available?

  • Standard-Easy Form Editor(EFE)
  • Customized-Lifecucle Designer(ALD)
  • PDI
  • Service Center-Case Document

2. How to check the Standard form or Customized Form?

  • Go to Application and User Management
  • Select Form Template Maintenance view under Business Flexibility
  • Search and highlight the form XYZ
  • Select versions button

Here you can find the person who had created and modified the Form.
If it is changed/created by SAP/EDIC It is Standard Form else it is Customized form

3. How to change the name of any Form Template?

Refer KBA 1974270 - How To Change the Name of any Form Template

4. How to change the existing form template and how to set new template as default?

User should upload new form template using the upload button and using Form Template Selection set the Form Template rules.

5. How to maintain translations for the footer text in various languages for a Master Form Template.

  • Go to Application and User Management work center[ByD] or Administrator[C4C]
  • Go to Master Template Maintenance
  • Change to Form Master Templates from the show drop down
  • Select the Master Template that you want to add
  1. Type the desired language
  2. Choose add
  3. Save and close

6. How to change name or description of the entire block of a template group.

  • Select the Form Template that you want to change the name or description
  • Go to actions button
  • Maintain General Information

Here what ever you change which will be applicable to all the Forms in the particular Form Template group.

7. Maintained master template, however unable to see in the form.

  • Go to Application and User Management
  • Select Master Template Maintenance
  • Choose Form Master Template
  • Edit
  • Check the language and maintain the same as in the master template

8. How assignment of the Master Template work[Company/OrgUnit/Output Channel]?

By default company is picked for assignment and you can change to other options manually.

9. How to create new rule for Master Form Template.

  • Go to Application and User Management WorkCenter
  • Under Business Flexibility view choose Master Template Maintenance.
  • Choose Form master template.
  • Select the template from list.
  • Click"New".
  • Fill the details.
  • Click Save and Close.

10. How to assign rule for a Master Form Template.

  • Go to Application and User Management WorkCenter
  • Under Business Flexibility view choose Master Template Maintenance.
  • Choose Form master template.
  • Select the template from list.
  • Click "Assign".
  • Choose the Company and select the Output Channel .
  • Click Save and Close.

11. Preview picks up wrong Master Template.

Check account setup. If account is setup for XX language then XX Master Template will be picked.

12. Not able to preview the invoice in the System/UI.

  • Go to Accounts
  • Go to Communication
  • Check whether collaboration data is maintained and the status is active for the customer invoice

If it is not maintained and inactive, Customer will not able to preview the Form.

13. When user is trying to preview the Forms (for example: Official Receipt form), Fonts are misaligned (ex: Texts are overlapping)

If users want to use the fonts in your Forms, you need all calibri fonts and also ArialMT as ttf or otf files.

if you have the fonts purchased but still it is not reflecting in the Forms then report an incident to SAP. We require below details

  • A legal proof of purchase so that SAP will upload the fonts in the server

Until then fonts in Forms will be randomly replaced into SAP Standard Fonts.

User can use the fonts which you find here: Font Types Compatible with Forms

14. Form template picking the language incorrectly.

Check if the Language is maintained appropriately in below screen:

  • Go to Application and User Management
  • Select Master Template Maintenance
  • Choose template
  • Edit
  • Check the language and correct it

15. How to add a Barcode to Form Template in SAP Cloud for Customer(C4C).

Refer KBA  2722969 - How to Add a Barcode to Form Template in Cloud for Customer

16. How is the priority defined when a Form is picked up for any process?

There is no priority, any Form picked needs to be defined in the form Template Maintenance. Here it works from top to button.

17. Unable to release Forms as no preview/output available.

Form Templates are picked based on sender country code and Form Template language.

Example for the invoices, the country code is XX and language is YY.
The form template "ZZZ credit memo" that customer maintained should be in combination of country code XX and language YY.

18. How to personalize Forms/ add new sections in Forms?

It is recommended to use the Adobe LifeCycle Designer(ALD) for complex customization.

User can download the Adobe LifeCycle Designer(ALD) from SAP Business ByDesign system.

19. User is trying to make a changes in Form using Adobe LifeCycle Designer(ALD)but cannot see it in the Form output immediately.

Upload the new XDP via Administration workcenter. Choose Form Template maintenance and replace the existing variant. Then it will be updated.
Please do not do that with a PDI or Business user that will switch the layer strategy, use a regular Business user.

20. How to identify characters that cause errors in rendering Form?

In case the ADS trace performed from the backend does not provide information on where the issue is in the XML, you can gather the template XDP and try to preview it in Adobe LifeCycle Designer(ALD). If an error occurs, the log tab of Adobe LifeCycle Designer(ALD) will point out where is the invalid character.

21. Created Extension Field is not visible in Custom Form Template after certain date/time.

Check the last modified date of custom form template to verify if any changes made.
If form in ALD shows exactly what the preview showing on ADS then issue is not in SAP Business ByDesign . Review Form Template and check if any script issue.

22. How to delete a not-published version of a form template.

Refer KBA  1965242 - How to delete a Not-Published Version of a Form Template

23. How to retrieve deleted form template?

  • Delete forms
  • Select the form template
  • Click on Versions and select the latest archived version
  • Revert button

24. How to handle transparency of assets (logo, watermark etc.) in form templates

Logo comes usually from the master template. Preview is always with watermark.

25. How to remove a watermark from while previewing a Form template?

Contact your Implementation partner. Removing the watermark from preview may have legal complications

26. How to delete the required template from UI/System

  • Go to Application and User Management work center
  • Go to Form Template Maintenance view
  • click on the Delete Option

27. Interactive purchase order form is not sending to the customer via email 

Set the document manually to successful and try the re submission again.

Easy Form Editor

1. Why Easy Form Editor(EFE) is used?

Easy Form Editor (EFE) is used for quick minor changes.

2. Easy Form Editor is Disabled for some Form Templates.

For such forms, you should use the tool "Adobe Lifecycle Designer" if you want to make any changes in Forms according to your requirements.

3. Table in Form gets distorted when editing using Easy Form Editor.

User has to contact their Implementation Partner to enhance the Forms with the required fields. You can enhance your Form using Adobe Lifecycle Designer (ALD).

4. User is facing  scripting issue/format issue for the Forms that are created/modified using third party software tool Adobe Lifecycle Designer (ALD).

Please note: SAP does not provide any support for the Forms that are created/modified using the third party software tool Adobe Lifecycle Designer (ALD).

 5. Can SAP remodel Forms which are not working in ALD.

 No, SAP cannot remodel forms which are not working in ALD.

Adobe Lifecycle Designer

1. After opening a XDP file in Adobe, how to find the fields which is binded to a specific field in XML? (cases where we need to check the field properties, but don't know where the field is located)

The bindings in ALD following the xml tree logic i.e.Means you need to find the right binding in xml and ALD. For example: you want to bind first postal regulation and address this would be the binding:<FormAddress>

<FormattedAddressDescription>Almika GmbH / Viktoriastrasse 191 / 30451 Hannover / DE</FormattedAddressDescription>



<Description>Almika GmbH</Description>


2. Is there a way to temporarily disable scripts in a custom form template? (to identify if a certain issue is happening due to scripts)

Yes by adding // infront of a script

3. How to make a Row in the ALD to show multiple lines?

You need to select the Row in the ALD > Binding tab, mark the checkbox of Repeat Row for Each Data Item.

4. How to get XML data for local preview of print forms without output history?

Refer to the blog How to get XML data for local preview of print forms without output history as well as th ecomments in the blog


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