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3293616 - Not able to find Active Part Number / Product using Bulk Validator


When searching the product in the Bulk Validator we receive "Product Not Found" message.


Type: Test and Productive Systems with Quote Engine 2.0
Product version: SAP CPQ 2023
System managed by: SAP Cloud Tenant

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Bulk Validator page from catalogue.
  2. Go to Bulk Validator page from Quote. 


Code matching is added for the product which starts with exact same alphabet of the product which is being searched.


Product Part Number which is searched : abc_product_1 

Product Part Number for which Code Matching is added : abc_product_2 

Code Matching set for product with part number abc_product_2 is preventing product with Part Number abc_product_1  from being found.  


How to search for which product the code matching is added.

  1. Open the Developer Console with Full Mode.
  2. Search the product in Bulk Validator which is not found.
  3. Go to Developer console and expand the Action log  "/quotation/DisplayBulkValidate.aspx "
  4. After that add product part number in Message search box.
  5. Find the log which Start with configureProduct- ProductSearcher found productid CCodeDecomposer did not match catalogueCode with formula. Catalog Code to search:abc_product_1 product found:xyz , Product catCode abc_product_2   
  6. The product part number mentioned as Product catCode in the end is the product for which Code Matching is added.

To Remove the code matching:

  1. Go to Products page in setup
  2. Search the product for which code matching is added. 
  3. Edit the product and go to Advance Settings tab.
  4. Remove the code matching added.

Repeat the above two steps until product not found. 

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