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3294535 - Point-Of-Sale Transaction Paid by Credit Card


You are creating a POS (Point-Of-Sale) transaction with credit card data in ByD, however there is no credit card assigned to the customer account. You would like to understand the processing of such transactions in ByD and how to add the credit card to the account.

The following error in the POS could also be related to these questions:

  • 'Credit card ID not valid'


SAP Business ByDesign.


In general, for POS integration, the customer's master data should always be in sync and available according to the used payment method. Therefore, if the customer makes a purchase using a credit card and the credit card data is entered into the external system. This data includes the credit card token and type as well as the ID of the customer. The customer master data, including the credit card data, needs to be available in the SAP Business ByDesign system so that the credit card transaction can be assigned to this customer and processed correctly.

To have a credit card assigned to the customer account, you can a) maintain it via web service or b) have the credit card tokenized from within ByD.

  1. Maintain it via web service.
    If you don't want to tokenize the credit card via the ByD integration with the payment service provider, you could have a look at the ManagePaymentCardIn web service. This should allow you to create credit card tokens in ByD that were already tokenized by the service provider outside ByD

  2. Have the credit card tokenized from within ByD.
    This is done through the customer account master date via the button 'Register with Computop' or 'Register with Digital Payments', depending who is your payment service provider. To tokenize a card from within ByD, the integration with one of these payment service providers must be in place.

As for the Digital Payments integration, if you want to enable that, you need to talk to Digital Payments, sign a contract, agree to their license agreements, procure a license, setup the digital payments system and accounts required and in this process you would get a client ID, client URL, client secret that can be maintained in the OAUTH client registration in ByD. (fine-tune activity Integration with SAP Digital Payments Add-on)

Computop does not use OAUTH registration, but also requires a master data an integration to be done. See help document Customer Payments by Credit Card.

Note that, the settlement options will also impact on the payment service provider integration with ByD. For POS credit card payment, the credit card payment can either a) be settled in the external system, or b) the payment data can be transferred to the system before settlement takes place:

  1. A credit card payment settled in an external system.
    In this case, the information transferred to Financial Management includes the settled payment data. The payment can be tracked in the Payment Management work center, Payment Monitor view. The status is either In Transfer, or Confirmed once the incoming payment has been confirmed by a bank statement.

  2. A credit card payment not settled in an external system.
    In this case, the information transferred to Financial Management includes the data of the payment that has not yet been settled. In the Payment Monitor view, the status of the payment is Ready for Transfer. Start the settlement of the credit card payment by clicking Actions for Credit Cards and then Settle. This initiates the standard credit card settlement process. The payment is sent to the clearing house that will process the payment and ensure that the payment amount will be transferred to your bank account.

For more details on other scenarios of Credit Card Without Customer Data and Other Payment Cards, Online Payment Service, Mixed Payment Methods and Gift Certificates, please refer to help document Point-of-Sale Transaction Processing in Financial Management

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