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3303668 - LinkedIn Integration Update Effective March 1st - Recruiting Posting


The integration of LinkedIn to SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Posting will be updated to match new technical requirements from LinkedIn.

To continue to post jobs on LinkedIn via SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Posting, you will have to re-activate the job board so that your contract id will be retrieved through the new widget released by LinkedIn.


SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Posting


Prerequisites : 

  • You must be an administrator to your LinkedIn Premium Posting contract with your LinkedIn Account
  • You must be connected to your LinkedIn Account on your browser while you perform the change action within Recruiting Posting
  • You must allow all your cookies in order to access the LinkedIn widget, otherwise LinkedIn will not let you go through their widget.

What to do?

From March 1, 2023, all LinkedIn credentials will be set as invalid on SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Posting side. You will need to reactivate the job board.

  1. Go to Manage Recruiting Posting > My Job Boards > LinkedIn.
  2. Click edit for a given set of credentials (Do not delete the configuration that is invalid).
  3. Verify that the Company ID is correct and if necessary, correct it.
  4. Click on the button “Associate LinkedIn Contract”.
  5. Select your contract ID linked to your configuration (usually only 1 contract will appear for the vast majority of customer).
  6. Select the default poster for this configuration.
  7. Save your changes.
  8. Repeat for each set of LinkedIn credentials. 

FAQ – RPO LinkedIn Integration Update

Can this be changed by the implementation partner who has the access to "manage recruiting posting"?

You must be connected to your LinkedIn personal account to make the change, and you must have access to the LinkedIn contract of the company you’re updating the contract ID. Since it is quite rare that partners have access to the LinkedIn contract of the customer on their LinkedIn account, then it is quite unlikely that this change can be handled by an implementation partner.

How do we manage if the admin on SuccessFactors is not the same as the LinkedIn admin?

We recommend that you temporarily provide Recruiting Posting access to the person which has the access to the LinkedIn contract.

Will the system compare the name of the admin connected and the name of the person connected on LinkedIn?

No, the system will not make this comparison.

From when can we do the change?

From March 1st, when the credentials will fall into “Invalid” status.

Will recruiters be blocked for posting jobs?

Since the credentials will be in an error status (Invalid), recruiters will be blocked until the action to update the credentials are done.

Will the connection be established immediately, or will it take some time (like 24h for example)?

The connection will be established immediately.

At what time will the change occur on March 1st?

Our engineering team will synchronize to have the change released during the morning (around 10am), Central European Time zone.

Will you send a communication on March 1st, or should we go directly to Manage Recruiting Posting to see the invalid credentials?

No specific communication will be sent. You should directly go to Manage Recruiting Posting.

Is this only for customers who have a contract for LinkedIn job board?


Does this change affect LinkedIn Limited Listings job board?

No, this change affects only the premium LinkedIn job posting integration as the change impact the "contract id" field and this field is not needed for LinkedIn Limited Listings

Why should I allow the cookies to perform this action?

Unfortunately, we aren't able to confirm as of why this is mandatory as the widget is own by LinkedIn. 

Should I choose the LinkedIn Administrator of the contract as "Default Poster"?

No, any users available as LinkedIn Recruiter should work.

When I try to reactivate the configuration after clicking on the button "Associate LinkedIn Contract" I get a white screen?

If you happen to get a white screen, please try to clear your cookies and after verify that you allowed the cookies on your browser. If it still doesn't work, please try with another browser. This is coming from the LinkedIn widget itself, which SAP don't own.

Why can't I perform the configuration steps in my preview/staging/test environment?

Indeed, it is not possible to perform the widget configuration in the test environment, simply because Recruiting Posting doesn't have the access of the test widget of LinkedIn. Therefore, if you click "Associate LinkedIn Contract" from the test environment, you will hit "an error page", which is an expected behavior. There is currently no possibility to perform the "End to End" configuration step of the LinkedIn job board in the test system.

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