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3304951 - Checkpoints: Data Integration Between SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) Data and SAP Datasphere (DS)


  1. This article includes a summary of critical steps for data integration between SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) and SAP Datasphere (DS).

  2. A user has one of the following issues when loading (importing / exporting) data between SAC and DS:
    1. DS: Cannot get remote source objects: Could not get tables, Code: 403, SQL State: HY000 
    2. DS: getChildrenFailed
    3. SAC: Please contact your administrator 
    4. SAC: https://.../api/v1/dataexport/administration/$metadata URL gives HTTP error 404


  • SAP Analytics Cloud (Enterprise)
  • SAP Datasphere


  1. SAC online help documentation and community resources:
    1. SAP Analytics Cloud
  2. DS online help documentation and community resources:
    1. SAP Datasphere
  3. Import data from DS into SAC:
    1. SAC: OData Service connection
      1. Prerequisites for Consuming Data from SAP Datasphere in SAP Analytics Cloud via the OData Services Connection.
      2. Data Service URL: https://<your-dwc-tenant-url>/api/v1/dwc/consumption/relational/<space-id>/<asset-id>/
      3. Authentication Type: OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code.
      4. OAuth Client ID, Secret, Token URL and Authentication URL.
        1. one OData Service connection is required per SAP Datasphere view.
    2. DS:
      1. Consume Data in SAP Analytics Cloud via an ODATA Service
      2. Transfer Data from SAP Datasphere to SAP Analytics Cloud
  4. Export data from SAC to DS:
    1. SAC Side: 
      1. SAP Analytics Cloud Data Export Service (DES)
        1. REST API: api/v1/dataexport
        2. Data Service URL Sample: https://<your-SAC-tenant-url>/api/v1/dataexport/administration/Namespaces(NamespaceID='sac')/Providers 
          1. single quote ' not double quote "
      2. SAC Model:
        1. Manage API Subscriptions for Data Exports
    2. SAP Datasphere Side:
      1. Transfer Planning Data into SAP Datasphere
      2. Cloud Connector
      3. Cloud Data Integration
    3. DS: Data Flow Scenario:
      1. Data Flow
  5. SAC Live Data Connections to SAP Datasphere
  6. Troubleshooting for api/v1/dataexport:
    1.  SAC Help document: Error Codes & Troubleshooting
  7. Data Provisioning Agent
    1. DP Agent Log
      1. Enable Access to Data Provisioning Agent Logs
      2. 2461391 - Where to find Data Provisioning Agent Log Files
    2. DP Agent Version:
      1. 2563103 - How to check the Data Provisioning Agent version
      2. Quick Win: Upgrade: DP Agent to latest version 
    3. Trouble Shooting:
      1. 2938870 - Errors when connecting DP Agent with DWC
      2. 3324075 - DP agent shows disconnected status in SAP Datasphere
    4. Related Error Code:
      1. CDI based connectivity issue: getChildrenFailed
        1. 3202766 - Error getChildrenFailed when expanding folders in SAP Datasphere 
  8.  Performance
    1. 3298660 - How does the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) data export service (DES) API work with larger volumes of data?
    2. Page size 
    3. Memory size
  9. To submit a SAC/DS issue
    1. SAC side: 
      1. SAC tenant link
      2. SAC model link
      3. SAC story link 
      4. OAuth Entry ID
      5. Connection ID to DS
      6. Enable SAC support user by System > Administration > System Configuration page > Turn on Allow SAP support user creation
    2. DS side
      1. DS tenant link
      2. DS data flow ID or remote table ID
      3. DS Space ID
      4. DS View ID
      5. Connection ID (under ...dwaas-ui/index.html#/connections)
      6. Enable DS support user by 2891554 - How to create a Support User in SAP Datasphere
    3. Select component in Launchpad:
      1. SAC component: Data Export Service: LOD-ANA-ML-DI
      2. DS component:
        1. DS-DI-CON Connections
        2. DS-DI-RT Remote Table
        3. DS-DI-DF Data Flow
      3. DP Agent component:
        1. HAN-DP-SDI  SAP HANA smart data integration (SDI)

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SAP Analytics Cloud 1.0 ; SAP Datasphere 1.0