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3311814 - Default key text display for variable value help in AO is not as expected


In AO variable screen value help, the default key text display for a variable is not as expected. 

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Reproducing the Issue

1. Open a BW query or CDS view in AO.
2. In variable screen, call value help(F4 help) of a variable.
3. Notice that the default key text display for a variable is not as expected. For example, you would like to have key and text displayed in variable value help by default, but it only displays key. 



The default key text display in variable value help is decided by settings on characteristic infoobject and infoprovider level for BW query or by CDS view definition.

1. For BW query:
The default key text display for a characteristic in the variable screen can be set on two levels.
1).The settings for relevant characteristics on infoobject level(using transaction RSD1 or BW Modeling Tool).
2).The settings for relevant characteristics on infoprovider level (using transaction RSA1 or BW Modeling Tool). 
When the settings exist on both level, level 2 setting overwrite level 1 setting.

Please check following KBA for details.
2555624 - Bex Variables: Query settings defined for characteristics are not taken into account

In addition, for AO workbooks, if setting 'Merge Variables' option is enabled, AO will not use the setting in infoprovider level, and will only use the setting in infoobject level.

2. For CDS view:
The default key text display of CDS view's variable value help is text only.
After the implementation of Note 3002995, the annotation 'ANALYTICSDETAILS.QUERY.DISPLAY' can be used in the Dimension View/Cube View to define the default value help key text display.
For example following settings are possible:
@AnalyticsDetails.query.display: #KEY
@AnalyticsDetails.query.display: #TEXT
@AnalyticsDetails.query.display: #TEXT_KEY
@AnalyticsDetails.query.display: #KEY_TEXT


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