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3319657 - SAP SuccessFactors Integrations Release FAQ – First Half 2023 (1H 2023)


In this KBA we share the 1H 2023 Release features in scope of the SAP support components LOD-SF-INT* (SAP SuccessFactors Integrations).


  • SAP SuccessFactors Integrations
    • Webservices, SFAPI and OData
    • CompoundEmployee
    • Data Replication Monitor
    • Integration Center & 3rd Party Integration
    • Employee Central APIs
    • ERP Suite integrations + middlewares
    • SCIM API
    • Ask HR / ECSC


The following documentation can be also found on the SAP Help Portal under SAP SuccessFactors Release Information, quick links to the "What's New" section in each document can be found below for the latest release.

Find below the main products page links and handbooks of Integrations:

Please find the 1H 2023 release features in scope of the SAP support components LOD-SF-INT* (SAP SuccessFactors Integrations) below:
(note: you may find additional features under What's New Viewer ( The following table only covers the ones supported under the SAP support components LOD-SF-INT*)

Product AreaSupport ComponentDescriptionReference NumberWhat's New Viewer
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-AHRMigration of HTTP Basic Authentication to X.509 Authentication with SAP Cloud for CustomerSWZ-4702LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-INCDeprecation of Export SAP Cloud Integration Artifacts From Integration CenterINT-15513LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-APIDeprecation of HTTP Header X-SF-Correlation-IdAPI-23475LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ODATADeprecation of OAuth IdP API /oauth/idpAPI-23511LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-APIDeprecation of HTTP Basic Authentication for APIsAPI-14291LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-APIDeprecation of Three To-Do APIsAPI-16154LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-AHRKnowledge Base Suggestions for an HR Ticket  SWZ-5167LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-MDINew Exchange Rate Object from Master Data Integration to Employee CentralECT-176272LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-DRMEnhanced Mass Export on the Data Replication MonitorECT-194138LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-CENew Selection for Fields and SegmentsECT-195954LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-CEPermanent Filter Added to Document Type Work EligibilityECT-201182LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ECEnhanced OData APIs EmpCompensation and EmpPayCompRecurring with New PropertyECT-201620LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ECMetadata Change in OData APIs When Country/Region-Specific Field Attributes are Configured DifferentlyECT-205999LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ECEnhanced Country/Region-Specific Support of Address Information in Person Relationship and Emergency Contact Imports on Centralized ServicesECT-206067LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-INCAllow '.' in the SFTP User NameINT-15026LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-MASLatest SAP Fiori Design Standards Adopted on iOS and Android Mobile AppsMOB-67976LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-INCEnhancements to Event Subscription ManagementINT-15303LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-INCEnhanced Support for Entities with Upsert Multiple MethodINT-15127LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-SECChange Log Available for Configurations in Security CenterINT-14358LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-INCSupport for Entering Reasons for Downloading Sensitive Personal DataPLA-35364LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ECKey Property issueDate Goes Universal in OData API EmpWorkPermitECT-209052LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-BOMDeprecation of Employee Master Data Replication Based on PA-SE-IN using BoomiPAY-22810LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-BOMDeprecation of Employee Master Data Replication Based on EA-HRXX using BoomiPAY-22809LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-BOMDeprecation of Time Data Replication Based on PA-SE-IN using BoomiPAY-22811LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-INCDeprecation of Specific Employee Central Third-Party Standard Integration PackagesINT-15421LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-SCIMEnhancements to SAP SuccessFactors Workforce SCIM APIsPLA-32883LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-SCIMFilter Permission Groups to Be Returned by Workforce SCIM APIsPLA-36386LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-SCIMManage Workforce SCIM API AttributesPLU-6208LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-SCIMThree New Permissions of the Manage Identity Account and Group Permission CategoryPLA-36548LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-CPI-TPIDeprecation of Packaged Integration SAP SuccessFactors Learning and SAP ERP Financials IntegrationINT-16067LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-CPI-TPIData Segment Validations Prior to 'Go-live_Date' are now IgnoredINT-15843LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-CPI-TPIUpdate Preferred Timezone for Standard Integration of Kronos Workforce Central with SAP SuccessFactorsINT-15602LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ECEnhancements to HireDateChange APIECT-211089LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ECEnhanced User Permission for Background API EntitiesEDU-18724LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ECDeprecation of Savings Plan Related FieldsBEN-11671LINK
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ECDeprecation of Insurance Related FieldsBEN-12320LINK


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