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3321628 - Payment Run Error: 'Work package ID <id> system error; report an incident'


You have created payment run, for Payables or for Receivables. The run gets finished and payment proposals are created, however you notice an error in the resulting execution: 'Work package ID <id> system error; report an incident'

Upon checking the payment proposal list, it can happen that some open items were not processed by run.


SAP Business ByDesign.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Payables work center.
  2. Go to Payment Run view.
  3. Create a new payment run with desired selection parameters.
  4. Trigger its execution.
  5. Once executed, open the corresponding application log.

You see the following error being raised: 'Work package ID {XO{T3Rw7ksgf4rfQdNS6m system error; report an incident' (The {XO{T3Rw7ksgf4rfQdNS6m is an example of how the work package ID looks like.)

You also notice that, despite of the error, there are payment proposals created.


The payment run in SAP Business ByDesign has a parallel processing logic. This means that the run creates several parallel working steams to process the data, which are the work packages. Each work package process the data for a certain number of items.

In this case, one of the possible causes for the work packed ID error could be a memory issue, which prevents that work package to complete its processing, due to the high amount of data being processed by the payment run. This can be a high number of open items or even a high number of suppliers in the selection parameters, meaning, if you have too many supplier/customer accounts and select them all in the payment run's parameters.

There isn't defined data limit based on which the payment run can end in a memory issue. The payment run could depend on the number of suppliers/customers and the open items for those suppliers/customers based on which the proposals can be created. Also it can depend of some configuration settings, such as if you want to group several invoices and pay it together or to create one payment per invoice.


Based on the above, if this is related to a memory issue, it is recommended that you schedule the payment run execution to happen outside business hours (for example: after midnight), which can free up system resources.

If even by scheduling the run to be executed outside business hours the error still happens, you can create separate payment runs defining a supplier/customer range as parameter in the payment run.

Note that, if you have too many supplier/customer accounts, the value help in the payment run shows a limited number of accounts. To make sure that you view all accounts, you can sort them via Payables -> Supplier Accounts view (or Receivables -> Customer Accounts view).

If event after applying the above recommendation the issue still happens, send an incident to SAP for further troubleshooting.


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