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3322894 - SAP SuccessFactors EC Time Sheet and SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking Release FAQ - First Half 2023 (1H 2023)


This KBA is to share the 1H 2023 new features in scope of SAP SuccessFactors EC Time Sheet (LOD-SF-EC-TMS*) and SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking (LOD-SF-TTR*). 


  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central - Time Sheet
  • SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking


The following documentations can also be found on the SAP Help Portal under SAP SuccessFactors Release Information, quick links in the "What's New" section.

Please find the 1H 2023 release features in scope of SAP SuccessFactors EC Time Sheet (LOD-SF-EC-TMS*) and SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking (LOD-SF-TTR*) in below chart.

Support Product AreaFeature NameDescriptionWNV Link Reference NumberSupport Component
EC Time SheetInitialization Rules in Time SheetYou can now define initialization rules for Time Sheet on the Employee Time Sheet Entry and Allowance objects.LINKTIM-34818LOD-SF-EC-TMS
EC Time SheetDefault Values in Time SheetYou can now define default values for custom fields on the Employee Time Sheet Entry and Allowance objects.LINKTIM-34297LOD-SF-EC-TMS
EC Time SheetColumns for Searchable Fields Now Displayed in Time SheetSearchable fields are now shown in columns when the user searches for a specific picklist value.LINKTIM-25658LOD-SF-EC-TMS
EC Time SheetChanges to Permissions for Time SheetThe Create and Withdraw buttons are no longer shown on the Time Sheet UI for users who don't have edit permissions.LINKWEF-39792LOD-SF-EC-TMS
EC Time SheetChange of Value Help Control on Time Sheet UIThe underlying control for the value help on input select for certain fields on the Time Sheet UI has been changed, so that the dialog no longer includes a UI control button.LINKWEF-35071LOD-SF-EC-TMS
EC Time Off;
EC Time Sheet
Auto-Acknowledge for Admin AlertsYou can now configure the system to automatically acknowledge (auto-acknowledge) specific admin alerts after a defined amount of time.LINKTLS-25343LOD-SF-EC-TIM;

EC Time Off;
EC Time Sheet 

Transportable Objects in Time ManagementConfiguration objects from the Metadata Framework (MDF) used in Time Management can now be transported and copied between instances.LINKTIM-37616LOD-SF-EC-TIM;
EC Time Off;
EC Time Sheet
Effective-Dated Time Profile - General AvailabilityThis feature allows users to make effective-dated changes to the Time Profile object, such as adding or removing time types on a certain date, without having to create a new time profile and add an effective-dated entry in the employee's Job Information record.LINKTIM-29244LOD-SF-EC-TIM;
EC Time Off;
EC Time Sheet
Changes to Holiday CalendarWhen creating a holiday assignment, you now need to fill the value for Holiday Category instead of Holiday Class. Also, we are introducing the new data object Holiday Planned Working Time Determination, where you define the impact of a holiday on the planned working time.LINKTIM-34773LOD-SF-EC-TIM;
Time TrackingAutomatic Time Sheet Submission for Overtime RecordersWe've added a possibility to automatically submit time sheets of overtime recorders when certain criteria are fulfilled.LINKTIM-35299LOD-SF-TTR-TMS
Time TrackingBehavior Change of Single Record Approval in Time SheetWe've improved the usability of the Single Record Approval feature on the web-based Time Sheet. This change simplifies the record approval process.LINKTIM-35307LOD-SF-TTR-TMS
Time TrackingInformation Button on Time Sheet UIWe've added an option to define instructional texts for Time Sheet to the Time Recording Profile object.LINKTIM-30852LOD-SF-TTR-TMS
Time TrackingRest RulesYou can now set up rest rules for employees. Rest rules ensure that employees take sufficient rest between shifts.LINKTIM-34867LOD-SF-TTR-TMS
Time TrackingMinimum Break DurationYou can now determine how long manually recorded breaks must be to be considered as breaks during dynamic break generation.LINKTIM-34564LOD-SF-TTR-TMS
Time TrackingRounding Base for Grace Period RoundingWe've added a new configuration option called rounding base to the time rounding object. The rounding base lets you configure if working times are rounded based on scheduled working time or flextime bandwidth.LINKTIM-34150LOD-SF-TTR-TMS
Time TrackingTime ContainersTime containers persist time valuation results that aren't used by payroll.LINKTIM-34865LOD-SF-TTR-TMS
Time TrackingEnhancements to Partial HolidaysPartial holidays are now supported for clock times recorders. Such holidays are considered when employees apply planned working time, when working times are rounded, and when breaks are generated.LINKTIM-34897LOD-SF-TTR-TMS
EC Time Off;
EC Time Sheet;
Time Tracking
Support of Regular Work on Holidays using Holiday Work PatternWhen configuring time valuations for premium pay for work on public holidays, you can now distinguish between different types of employees.LINKTIM-31767LOD-SF-EC-TIM;
Time TrackingCopy Working Times, On-Call Times, and Allowances in Time SheetWe've added a function you can use to copy working times, breaks, on-call times, and allowances in the time sheet.LINKTIM-34565LOD-SF-TTR-TMS
Time Tracking - CICOOData V4 Service to Export Time Events for Clock In Clock OutYou can now use the clockinclockout service to export the time events data from Clock In Clock Out.LINKTIM-32709LOD-SF-TTR-CIO
Time Tracking - CICOReporting of Time Events for Clock In Clock OutYou can use the Reporting feature now to generate reports of all the time events generated in a Clock In Clock Out system.LINKTIM-35888LOD-SF-TTR-CIO
Time TrackingSingle Record Approval on Mobile Time SheetYou can now record and submit single records on the mobile Time Sheet app on iOS and Android.LINKMOB-56552LOD-SF-EC-TMS-MOB;
Time TrackingCross-Midnight Attendance Recording on Mobile Time SheetYou can now record cross-midnight attendances on the mobile Time Sheet app on both iOS and Android.LINKMOB-46029


EC Time SheetLatest SAP Fiori Design Standards Adopted on iOS and Android Mobile AppsOn iOS and Android SAP SuccessFactors Mobile apps, we adopted the latest SAP Fiori design standards for Settings, Pay Statements, and Time Sheet.LINKMOB-67976LOD-SF-EC-TMS-MOB
EC Time SheetLegacy Time Sheet Validation Rule Scenario is DeletedTime Sheet Validation (Deprecated) Rule Scenario is deleted on May 19, 2023.LINKTIM-35188LOD-SF-EC-TMS
EC Time Sheet Replacement of the Old Time Sheet UI with the New Time Sheet UIThe old Time Sheet UI will reach end of maintenance on December 9, 2022 and will be deleted on May 19, 2023.LINKTIM-33336LOD-SF-EC-TMS

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