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3323804 - Direct and Indirect Quotation - SSCUI 102611 'Define Standard Quotation for Exchange Rates'


  • The purpose of the direct and indirect quotation SSCUI 102611 'Define Standard Quotation for Exchange Rates' is unclear


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The SSCUI 102611 'Define Standard Quotation for Exchange Rates' is used to define a default quotation. The default quotation will be used to convert an exchange rate to the format how it is stored in the database if a quotation cannot be provided. This is for example when you import exchange rates from Excel or using an API. The exchange rates in the database table have a positive sign for direct quotation and negative sign for indirect quotation. This means that the quotation can be identified based on the sign of the value. The quotation for the real currency conversion will not be read from the configuration for the standard quotation. Therefore the currency conversion is always calculating correctly independent from the quotation.

In the app 'Currency Exchange Rates' it is possible to maintain an exchange rate with a different quotation than the standard quotation. There will be a warning which will make the user aware that the quotation is different to the standard one. However, it is possible to save an exchange rate with any quotation wanted.   

The determination of an exchange rate for a specific date does not look at the quotation at all. It is based on the exchange rate type, currency from, currency to and valid from date only. The quotation is only used during the currency conversion to interpret the exchange rate value from the database correctly.

In app 'Currency Exchange Rates' there is a feature 'Currency Converter' which can be used to test the determination of exchange rates and the currency conversion. 

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