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3333038 - Unable to Cancel / Reverse a Material Document after an Invoice Posting due to error M7021 Deficit of PU IR quantity


Unable to Cancel / Reverse a Material Document, due to error "M7021 Deficit of PU IR quantity" 


  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud 

Reproducing the Issue

1. Create a purchase order with the indicator 'Goods Receipt-based Invoice Verification' set for the line item.
2. Post a Goods Receipt for the Purchase Order in 'Post Goods Movement' / 'Post Goods Receipt for Purchasing' Document'.
3. Post an Invoice for a Purchase Order in 'Manage Supplier Invoice'.
4. Go to 'Post Goods Movement' : Choose Cancel / Material Document / Movement Type 102.
5. Receive error : 'M7021 Deficit of PU IR quantity'.


  • You have posted an invoice without enabling the necessary customising to be able to reverse any related subsequent material documents.
  • You have not maintained the setting 'Reversal of GR allowed for GR-based IV despite invoice' for the reversal movement types 102 / 122.  


  • In the standard system customizing, the ability to cancel a Goods Receipt when an Invoice has already been posted and goods receipt-based invoice verification is used, depends on the settings in the 
    SSCUI 106043 Allow Reversal of GR Despite Invoices -  for the relevant movement type.   
  • If you do not want to allow the GR document to be cancelled when an Invoice was posted - do not set the indicator 'Reversal of GR allowed for GR-based IV despite invoice' in SSCUI 106043 for the desired movement types: 102, 122. The error 'M7021 Deficit of PU IR quantity' will be issued.
  • If you want to be able to Cancel the GR Document when an Invoice has being posted - from the SSCUI 106043 Allow Reversal of GR Despite Invoices - set the indicator for the Movement 102 / 122 & Save.
  • If the GR-IV flag is not set in the Purchase Order, then the system does not differentiate individual goods receipts, and allows the reversal of the Material Document.
  • With the GR-IV flag set in a Purchase Order line item, you can specify which goods receipt is being invoiced in an Invoice and which goods receipt is being reversed in a return. It is this correlation between goods receipts and invoices that enables you to specify for GR-IV Purchase Order's whether an item can be returned despite an invoice.    


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