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3339686 - Agent Desktop add-on | POST to the data connector doesn't work since it fails with the mentioned 404 error.



  • SAP Service Cloud 2111 (or newer)
  • SAP Agent Desktop add-on
  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2111 (Service Management)
  • SAP Event Mesh
  • SAP Cloud Integration



  • For the Service_Cloud_V2, you most identify the correct <SAP Service Cloud V2 host URL>
  • Based on the provisioning of your AWS tenant, the host URL could be any of the following:
  • Easiest way to determine what is your <SAP Service Cloud V2 host URL> is to perform the following steps:
    1. Open your SAP Service Cloud tenant in Chrome or MS Edge
    2. Hit Ctrl+I keyboard shortcut or right click and select inspect
    3. Go to the network tab, and filter by "token?sut="
    4. Click the instance, and go under "Header"
  • Look at the Request URL: which should start with either,, etc
  • Attached, we include an example payload
    1. Get a token from the C4C endpoint, for example https://<hostname> (replace with the corresponding C4C hostname), invoking a HTTP GET operation with user credentials of the C4C system.
    2. From the token obtained in above step, invoke the Cloud Native Tenant inbound connector endpoint (HTTP POST operation). 
      For example,  
      • https://<SAP Service Cloud V2 host URL>/sap/c4c/api/v1/inbound-data-connector-service/messages/sap.crm.eventbridgeservice.entity.inboundEvent 
      • by adding the x-sap-crm-token header and the attached sample payload after making suitable changes.
  • Ensure that you have followed all the steps and prerequisites outlined in the "Integrate External Systems into Agent Desktop with Mashups"
  • This inbound event interface is an internal API endpoint intended to be used along with the provided iflow. It is not published and can change.
  • The accounts should already be replicated from S/4 to C4C, before being able to transfer the Service Order events


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