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3343872 - Agent Desktop - Enabling Extensions Fields as sortable/searchable


You created an extension field and would like to make it a searchable or sortable object in the Agent Desktop


  • SAP Service Cloud
  • SAP Sales Cloud
  • Agent Desktop Add-On 


How to


  1. Go to Administrator -> General Settings -> Extensibility Admin UI
  2. Navigate to the entity based on the services it is related to, for example, if your extension field was part of the Account Services, then such from the left and drill down until you find your field
  3. Click the entity and navigate to the Field Attributes tab
  4. Depending on whether you want the fields to be available for filtering, searching, or sorting, turn the corresponding Filterable, Searchable, or Sortable switches on.
  5. See Enable Extension Fields for Global Search, for more details


  • If the KUT field was added after the initial load, existing data may not be affected.
  • If the search does not yield results, you could perform the following workaround:
    1. Open the affected Business Partner (BP) or Object in SAP Service Cloud (C4C).
    2. Make a small change to the BP/Object, such as adding a dot "." to an entry.
    3. Save the entry with the changes and immediately revert it back to its original state.
    4. Save the changes again and wait for approximately 1 or 2 minutes.
    5. After the wait period, retest the search functionality to ensure it's working as expected.
  • The above steps will force the C4C to resync the data over to the Agent Desktop

See Also

Please note that:

  • The Show Only Custom Fields checkbox is selected by default to only display fields that allow property changes.
    • This is necessary because you are allowed to configure only extension fields, and cannot make changes to standard fields.
  • Changes to the configuration are not immediately reflected in real-time and may take up to an hour to become effective.
    • For instance, if you mark an extension field as searchable in the Extensibility Admin UI, it will take approximately an hour for the field to become searchable.
    • Additionally, there may be a delay when you update a newly added extension field.
  • It is not possible to filter, search, or sort extension fields of datatype ARRAY, NUMBER , DateTime, and OBJECT (Amount and Quantity).
  • You can enable a maximum of 10 fields per entity for global search.
    • The system counts all three properties (filtering, searching, and sorting) for one field as a single count.
    • This means that if you enable any or all of these properties on a field, it would count as one towards the total count of actions taken on that field.


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