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3344137 - Job Specific competencies from a specific competency category are not pulled to the performance form - Performance Management


Job Specific competencies from a specific competency category are not pulled to the performance form/360 Review form.


  • SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management
  • SAP SuccessFactors 360 Reviews

Reproducing the Issue

1. A performance review/360 Review template has a competency section configured to display job-specific competencies.
2. The subject of the form has 10 Job Specific competencies.
3. As configured in Competency Library/Center of Capabilities, 6 competencies are from Competency Category 1 and 4 from Competency Category 2.
4. After the form is launched, the 4 competencies from Competency Category 2 are missing on the form.


The <comp-category> element is configured on template XML. This element pulls job-specific competencies to a competency section by category. In other words, it determines which competencies should be auto-populated to a competency section.

For example, a form has a competency section that pulls job-specific competencies. In the <competency-sect>, the following competency category is included in the <comp-category> element:
<comp-category><![CDATA[Competency Category 1]]></comp-category>
As a result, only job-specific competencies from Competency Category 1 will be auto-populated in the competency section after the form is launched.

If the form's subject has competencies that come from a category/categories not included in the <comp-category> element of the competency section, these competencies will not be auto-populated onto the form.


1. If there's no need to determines which category of competencies should appear in a specific section, you may delete configuration of <comp-category> from XML.

2. If you would like to keep <comp-category> and include the missing job-specific competencies into auto-population upon form launch, add their competency categories to the <comp-category> element.

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1. Above changes do not apply to live form. You need to launch a new form after making changes to the template XML.

2. For the location where the element should be added, please refer to the example in Adding Competencies by Category.

3. If you have multiple job-specific competency sections configured on your template XML, you can use <comp-category> to control different categories of competencies appear in specific sections.
However, each competency can only appear on the form once.
For example:
The job-specific competencies of a form come from Competency Category 1 and Competency Category 2.
In the first job-specific competency section, <comp-category><![CDATA[Competency Category 1]]></comp-category> is defined. Meanwhile, no <comp-category> is defined for the second job-specific competency section.
When the form is launched, the first job-specific competency section will pull competencies from Competency Category 1 while the second section will only display competencies from Competency Category 2, because competencies from Competency Category 1 cannot appear twice on the form.

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