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3346821 - Update of Job Application Status event triggered twice in ISC


When a candidate is moved from one status to another on the application, this triggers the “Update of Job Application Status” event in Intelligent Services Centre which then triggers the associated integration. However, sometimes when the candidate is moved into the new status, it will trigger the event twice.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Move candidate to certain status
  2. The change of status will trigger the “Update of Job Application Status” event in ISC, which is linked to an integration that will trigger a workflow
  3. Notice that the event is triggered twice in Integration Centre>Monitor Integrations
  4. This in turn triggers the workflow twice too


This happens when candidate is moved too quickly from one status to another.

When the event is published in ISC, it triggers the integration. This is not an instant process. Furthermore, the integration is checking against its filters to see if it needs to run. This also takes some time. Due to this, if the application is moved quickly from one status to the next and then again, the first check can be incomplete when the second status change is performed. In a scenario where the first status change does not trigger the integration but the second one does, and the application is moved quickly from status 1 to status 2 to status 3. When the application lands in status 3, the integration is still checking for the first change. It finds the application in status 3 and triggers the workflow since it matches its filter. Then the second ISC message triggers the integration again, which checks its filter condition again, finds the application in status 3, and triggers a second workflow.

In other words, because the application was moved quickly from 1 to 2 to 3, when the integration checks after the first move, the application is already in 3 and causes the integration to trigger. Then it triggers again for the second move (as expected).


When moving candidate from one status to another, please avoid consecutive application move in a relative short time. Wait for 10+ seconds between application status changes. There may be some asynchronous job configured associated to each status that needs time to execute.

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