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3348060 - SAP SuccessFactors Platform - Provisioning Configuration Changes


The following subset of Provisioning Configuration Changes should be made/enabled/disabled by your Implementation Partner and may require follow-up actions or implementations. In situations where you are not already engaged with a Partner and there is no associated implementation effort, SAP Support can make minor provisioning configuration including enabling/disabling specific minor features, behalf of a customer.


SAP SuccessFactors HXM Core


You can open a case with SAP Product Support to request any of the following features to be enabled. Please follow the Case Creation Template described below.


  1. Product Support reserve the right to adjust the scope of this document at any time based on Product Enhancements & Product Direction Changes
  2. As per any new feature enablement, please ensure you enable any feature first in your TEST environment and conduct thorough testing before considering enabling in Production.
  3. We highly recommend that first you review the linked related information to fully understand any requirements or follow-up activities that are required.
  4. SAP Product Support are not responsible for making any further implementation or changes outside the enablement of the below listed switches. If further implementation is required, you must engage with SAP Professional Services or your Implementation Partner for any further actions.
  5. Any feature that are not included on this list cannot be enabled by SAP Product Support.
Feature Main SwitchFeature Sub-SwitchDocumentation Link
Product Function
Support Component
Admin Configuration Tool KBA 2701509PlatformLOD-SF-PLT-RBP
User Directory KBA 2508629PlatformLOD-SF-PLT-SRH
Language PacksAny language optionKBA 2572327PlatformLOD-SF-PLT-LAN
Manage Users Help GuidePlatformLOD-SF-PLT-MNG
Employee Directory KBA 2508629PlatformLOD-SF-PLT-SRH
Enable Manage Languages tool Help GuidePlatformLOD-SF-PLT-LAN
Ultra Organization Chart [requires Version 10 UI or Version 11 UI framework (ULTRA)] KBA 2152156PlatformLOD-SF-PLT-ORG
Enable the Attachment Manager Help GuidePlatformLOD-SF-PLT-DOC
Dynamic Groups V2 (My Groups)Enable “Manage My Groups” permission in RBPKBA 2088248PlatformLOD-SF-PLT-DYG
Role-based Permission (This will disable Administrative Domains)And associated sub-optionsHelp guidePlatformLOD-SF-PLT-RBP
Enable SAP Jam IntegrationCommunity Assertion Consumer Service URI KBA 2083382PlatformLOD-SF-JAM-INT
Enable SAP Jam IntegrationEnable User Permissions
Enable Custom External Module Integration [Demoable, Not Ready for Production]Including "Frame URL"KBA 2628761PlatformLOD-SF-PLT-NAV
Data Privacy Consent Statement 2.0 Help GuidePlatformLOD-SF-PLT-DPCS
Enable Media Service Features (Show Me, About Me, My Name) — requires “Version 12 UI framework (Revolution)” KBA 2088578PlatformLOD-SF-PLT-SHW
Enable Solr People Search (requires Role-based Permission) Help GuidePlatformLOD-SF-PLT-SRH
Enable alternate language for solr index   KBA 2943812PlatformLOD-SF-PLT-SRH
Configure Custom Navigation Help GuidePlatformLOD-SF-PLT-NAV
Enable Upgrade Center Permission - requires “Role-based Permission” Help GuidePlatformLOD-SF-PLT-RBP
Enable Document Management Service (Requires “Enable the Attachment Manager”, “Enable Generic Objects”, and “Enable RBP”) (Warning: this feature is for third-party storage provider integration only) Help GuidePlatformLOD-SF-PLT-DOC
Should the session-timeout dialog redirect the user to a session-timeout page after logging the user out. KBA 2396017PlatformLOD-SF-PLT-SAM
Enable Refresh Framework [Not Ready for Sales/Production] Help GuidePlatformLOD-SF-PLT-RBP
Active Content Detection KBA 2519748PlatformLOD-SF-PLT-PSI
Disable to show QR code in login screen Help GuidePlatformLOD-SF-PLT-MOB
Enable Multi-Scanning KBA 2518360PlatformLOD-SF-PLT-PSI
Use Real Time RBP Target Population (Overrides Default 4 hours Cache Based Results) KBA 2643135PlatformLOD-SF-PLT-RBP
Use RBP permissions to show User Options menu (utility links) for External Users    
Enable Instance Refresh — requires “Enable Generic Objects” and “Enable the Attachment Manager”And associated sub-optionsHelp GuidePlatformLOD-SF-PLT-IRT
Enable legacy MDF OData edit — requires “Enable Generic Objects” and “Enable the Attachment Manager” KBA 2656304PlatformLOD-SF-MDF
Disable user photo in Action Search and Quick Cards KBA 2649535PlatformLOD-SF-PLT-QC
Ignore region and type restrictions for Identity Authentication Service integration (Warning: This feature should be turned on only when an existing IAS tenant needs to be integrated) Help GuidePlatformLOD-SF-PLT-IAS
Show User ID field in Manage Users ( These controls are replicated in the Define Employee Fields tool in Admin 2.0.) Help GuidePlatformLOD-SF-PLT-MNG
Default Language:  Help GuidePlatformLOD-SF-PLT-LAN
User License Enforcement Options KBA 2088188PlatformLOD-SF-PLT-MNG
Session Timeout SettingsAnd associated sub-optionsKBA 2088893PlatformLOD-SF-PLT-PRVR
Hide Admin Resources link KBA 2597904PlatformLOD-SF-PLT
Enable Proxy Feature   Help GuidePlatformLOD-SF-PLT-PRX
Embed SuccessFactors Logo in Html Notifications   KBA 2087875PlatformLOD-SF-PLT-NOT
Enable Archive & Print   KBA 2087337PlatformLOD-SF-PLT-PRN
Enable photos in autocompletion find in the UI   Help GuidePlatformLOD-SF-PLT-ORG
Reverse Proxy Url Prefix. Leave blank for default. KBA 2089491PlatformLOD-SF-PLT-PRX
Only allow request to Reverse Proxy  KBA 2089491PlatformLOD-SF-PLT-PRX
Enable Clickjacking FilterAnd associated sub-optionsHelp GuidePlatformLOD-SF-PLT-PSI
Mail PreferenceAnd associated Single Sender/Recipient sub-optionsKBA 2087739PlatformLOD-SF-PLT-NOT
Create AdminAnd associated admin user detail fieldsKBA 2186617PlatformLOD-SF-PLT-PWD
Enable RBP Target Criteria for Value Help (Only for fields with data type Generic Object)   Help GuidePlatformLOD-SF-PLT-RBP
Disallow concurrent login session   KBA 2524768PlatformLOD-SF-PLT-SEL
Disable API login audit data   KBA 2780420PlatformLOD-SF-PLT
Use Real Time RBP Target Population (Overrides Default 4 hours Cache Based Results) KBA 2643135PlatformLOD-SF-CMP

Case Creation Template for Customers

  1. Select the corresponding Product Function & Support Component
  2. Subject: [Provisioning Switch Request] Please enable/disable switch XYZ for Product Function ABC
  3. Description: I hereby authorize SAP Product Support to enable the following Provisioning Switch in instance <Specify Instance ID here>
  4. <List the switches from the table above> and specify required value if applicable
  5. I confirm that I fully read & understood the documentation related to the feature(s) and the consequences related to enabling/disabling the feature(s)
  6. Requester Information: <Provide your full name & email address>

See Also

For more information on which changes can be completed by Cloud Product Support via Software Change Request, and which changes should be completed by Implementation Partners for Performance & Goals, please check the below documentation:

  • KB Article 2250186 - SCR Form: XML Software Change Requests for PM and 360 Multi-Rater Templates
  • KB Article 2250190 - SCR Form: XML Software Change Request for Goal Plans


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