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3351705 - "General error;616 rejected by workload class configuration" occurs in SAP Datasphere


Symptom 1:

The following error occurs when running Data Flow: 

"General error; 616 rejected by workload class configuration"

"HanaError: rejected by workload class configuration, Code: 616, SQL State: HY000"

Symptom 2:

View persistency failed with below error message:

"errorMessage":"rejected by workload class configuration, Code: 616, SQL State: HY000"


SAP Datasphere


Possible Cause 1:

Whenever a statement exceeds a reject threshold (e.g. SAP_DWC_COMERCIAL), it is rejected with the SQL error 616: 'rejected by workload class configuration'. 

Possible Cause 2:

The HANA instance in SAP Datasphere is now configured to start queuing or rejecting request as the CPU consumption approaches 100%. The rejection events describe statements that were rejected because other statements executing in different spaces were overloading the CPU.

There is a consistently experiencing high CPU usage.


Resolution for Possible Cause 1:

Review the Workload Management setting on your system and set total thread limits that statements running concurrently to a lower value. For more details, please refer to the Administering SAP Datasphere Guide: 

Set a Priority and Statement Limits for a Space

Resolution for Possible Cause 2:

The current CPU and memory capacity are insufficient for the tenant's operation. Please consider increasing the subscribed capacity of Datasphere tenant.

Configure the Size of Your SAP Datasphere Tenant | SAP Help Portal 

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error message for operation <SQLExecute>: <[SAP AG][LIBODBCHDB SO][HDBODBC] General error;616, data extraction, overloaded system, Admission control, space, workload, dwc, Datasphere, DS, M_ADMISSION_CONTROL_EVENTS , KBA , DS-DI , Data Integration/Data Builder , Problem


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