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3352197 - Empty Reports or Reports Displaying with Too Many Records


This article will describe how to fix the issue where several reports are empty or displaying too many records.

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The following reports are empty or display too many records:
  • Employee Detail with Timesheet
  • Employee Timesheet Approval History
  • OT Summary by Supervisor
  • Timesheet Approval History
In 15.1 and later, the following reports can also be impacted:
  • Unsubmitted Timesheets
  • Unsubmitted Timesheets Admin
  • Unapproved Timesheets
  • Unapproved Timesheets Admin


SAP WorkForce Time and Attendance (All Versions)


Reports rely on parameters (Policy Records -> Reports -> Parameter) to define how the employee and manager are connected. If this connection is wrong and returns more results than a one to one relationship, this can lead to duplication in the results or even incorrect data. For example, if the field being pointed to holds a common value like a Boolean, or even are blank in SQL Server, this could lead to many matches. In the other direction, if the fields don't hold expected data so that they cannot match, there will be no results at all and the report will be empty.

Prior to 15.1, the reports listed above match employee to supervisor with the default logic below:

employee's assignment other_string10 value
supervisor's employee.other_string10 value

In 15.1 and later, the default logic changes:

employee's assignment time_sheet_approver_match_id
supervisor's employee manager_match_field


Identify the employee to supervisor match field and update the report parameter policies (javascript for pre-processing) and report parameters that define the relationship used in the report. 

When the match fields are empty in a SQL Server database, assign the correct value for the match fields so that they are not empty.  If that is not possible, e.g., the employee does not have a supervisor and a supervisor exists with an empty match field, add the following after the current constant value in the STD_EMPLOYEE_TO_SUPERVISOR_JOINS and STD_EMPLOYEE_TO_SUPERVISOR_JOINS2 (15.1 and later) parameters:

 and supervisor.manager_match_field like '_%'

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