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3352230 - Restricting Chat Activity Creation when using Agent Desktop in Service Cloud


  1. You are using the Agent Desktop/Service Agent Console in SAP Service Cloud
  2. You business requires implementing a role-based access control to restrict chat activity creation for specific users and enable it for others.
  3. You would like to understand the best options to achieve such requirement.


  • SAP Cloud for Customers
  • SAP Cloud for Service
  • Agent Console Add-On for SAP Service Cloud


Restricting Chat Activities is exclusively possible through the Employee Org Unit Assignment due to the system's inherent logic.


  • SAP recommends implementing access restrictions based on the Employee ORG Assignment to meet the chat activity restriction requirements using ACL (Access Control List).
  • It is recommended to start with a few users to test with, and once all is working, then expand the number of users required.
  • For example, assume the Business Role configured is "BusinessRole_A_ACL.":
    1. Ensure the "COD_CHAT_WCVIEW" is defined for "COD_ACTIVITIES" for said Business Role
    2. Go to Administrator -> General Settings -> Business Roles (see "Manage Authorizations" for more details)
    3. Open the Business Role (e.g. "BusinessRole_A_ACL") and assign users to this Business role.
    4. Navigate to "Work Center and View Assignments-> Search for Work Center ID = COD_ACTIVITIES and Work Center/View Name = Chats.
    5. Ensure the "Assigned to" checkbox is selected and save changes.
    6. Navigate under ‘Access Restrictions’ -> ‘Chats’ (COD_ACTIVITIES)
    7. Set the restriction as "1016 – Employee, Territory, Account, Sales Data"; the 'Read Access' and 'Write Access' columns must be in the 'Restricted' state.
    8. Move down to the "Detailed Restrictions" and use the 'Employees' Access Group ID to set restrictions versus the 'Sales Organization' (see "Assign and Edit Access Rights").
    9. Save the changes and perform a test with a few users. Once all works as expected, add more users to the Business Role as needed.

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