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3354116 - End of Period Processing (EOPP) Overview


This is a supplemental article to discuss the End of Period Process (EOPP) and related best practices. This article is written with the assumption that the reader is already familiar with the information in the End of Period Processing Administration Guide for the correct version. That link directs to the Customer Community to search for these guides.

This article focuses on the End of Period Processing functionality of Lock, Close, and Advance. The Job Status, Run Job, and Export Data screens are also available within this option on the Home screen, but will be covered separately as appropriate.



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End of Period Processing (EOPP) is how the WT&A system processes current period time sheets and amendments, moves the data to a read-only state, and processes to the next period. This is extremely important for all WT&A instances, regardless of whether Time is in use to send data to payroll. This manages the amount of open data in the system, and thus the amount of calculations needed for various actions in the system.

When working with a time sheet or related data, the further it is beyond the system's Current Period, the more work needs to be done to recalculate that time sheet. That is because all timesheets from the Current Period to the one being viewed need to be recalculated to make sure that the data shown is correct. As timesheets are processed, the data is stored and the time sheets are considered read only. These no longer have to be recalculated when looking at a future timesheet, and they do not add to the time needed for the various actions.

EOPP consists of three jobs: Lock & Calculate, Close Timesheets, and Advance Period. These three steps must always be completed as part of EOPP. Other jobs may be included in this process, such as the payroll export, but those will vary by system. But these three jobs are the core of the EOPP process and are required for every WT&A customer.


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