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3357572 - Customer Invoice Posted Directly to Revenue Account Instead of Deferred Revenue


You create customer invoice XYZ for sales order item ABC-AA and expect it to be posted to an account defined for Deferred Revenue postings (XYZ, represents the customer invoice ID, ABC-AA represents the sales order item ID).
Instead, the invoice is posted to the actual revenue account. 


Source: byd
Type: Productive System
System ID/Name: CLOUD /
Product version: SAP Business ByDesign 2305
System managed by: SAP Cloud Tenant
Install base item:

Reproducing the Issue

  1. In the Customer Invoicing work center go to the Invoice Documents view. 
  2. Find customer invoice XYZ (XYZ represents the customer invoice ID). 
  3. Press Edit and then View All.
  4. Open the Document Flow tab.
  5. Select the journal entry icon of customer invoice XYZ.

You notice that the invoice has been posted directly to a revenue account. But you expected the invoice to be posted as Revenue Deferral. 


At the time of the customer invoice posting there was no accrual method assigned to sales order item ABC-AA. 

If no accrual method is assigned to a sales order item's invoice, its revenue is directly posted to the respective revenue account. 

Customer invoices are posted as revenue deferral only if the associated sales order item is using an accrual method. 

To verify

first check the invoice's journal entry's creation date. 

  1. Then go to the Sales Document items view of the Cost and Revenue work center. 
  2. Find sales order item ABC-AA.
  3. Go to the Accounting Data tab and verify that an accrual method is assigned to the item. 
  4. If an accrual method is assigned to the item check if it was assigned after invoice XYZ was posted: 

        4. a. Go to the Administrative Data tab. 

        4.b. Press View Changes. 

       4.c. In the new screen check when an accrual method was assigned to the sales order item. You will notice that the assignment ocured after invoice XYZ was posted. 


This is expected system behaviour. 

Customer invoices associated with sales order items, either directly or through a customer project, are posted to Deferred Revenue only when an accrual method is assigned to the associated sales order item. 

If no accrual method is assigned to the sales order item, the invoice is posted directly to the revenue account. 

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