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3363991 - Account Score Shows Zero/Incorrect Value in Dynamic Visit Planning


Account score shows 0 or incorrect value in Dynamic Visit Planning(DVP).


SAP Sales Cloud 

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Dynamic Visit Planning Work Center 
  2. Go to Visit Administration -> Visit Recommendation View
  3. Active visit recommendation(s) is/are available with the sales data(Sales Organization, division and distribution channel) and visit type combination 
  4. Go to Cockpit View
  5. Hover over one account 
  6. This account score shows 0/unexpected value 



The impact caused by signals such as account, perfect store and visit coverage could be defined via the visit recommendation. The system interprets these signals, calculates an account score based on the configured signals, and helps you prioritize visits. You can control how these factors are interpreted by configuring the impact of various signals. The impacts are classified as Very High, High, Medium, and Low. Please configure the visit recommendations with the below information.

Score Formula = [Average of ( Visit Coverage Signal Score  + Perfect Store Score + Sum of All Account Sales Data Non-Code List Attribute Score + Sum of all Account Non-Code List Attribute Score )] * [Average of ( Sum of All Account Code List Attribute Score+ Sum of All Account Sales Data Code List Attribute Score)]

Please note that 

  1. The visit recommendation should have the status Active for scoring. 
  2. The maximum account score is 125. After multiplication, the score can go above 125, but DVP ceil it to 125.
  3. Duplicate recommendation configurations for the same visit type and sales data combination can be maintained. However, if two or more configurations are active, then the influencing factor and the corresponding score is determined based on the first configuration activated for that influencing factor.
  4. For Visit Coverage Signal Score, the account needs one valid visit plan.
    • The same visit type should be maintained for visit recommendation and visit plan of account.
    • The visit recommendation sales data should either match exactly with this visit plan's sales data for the account or generically. For example, one visit recommendation with sales org "US" is created. Then a visit plan under visit information tab of account for same sales org "US" and distribution channel "X" is created. Now this visit plan will be picked for scoring. However, the other way will not work. If visit recommendation has sales org "US" & distribution channel "X" and visit plan has only sales org "US", this visit plan will not be picked for scoring.
      Visit Coverage Signal Score Sales Data in Visit Plan for Account - Sales Org = "US"Sales Data in Visit Plan for Account - Sales Org = "US" & Distribution Channel = "X"
      Sales Data in Visit Recommendation - Sales Org = "US"Working (exact scenario)Working (generic scenario)
      Sales Data in Visit Recommendation - Sales Org = "US" & Distribution Channel = "X"Not Working Working (exact scenario)
  5. It behaves the same for other influencing factors like account sales data for point 4(visit type and sales data). The account sales data could be found under sales data tab of account view.
  6. For Perfect Store Score,  
    • The perfect Store needs to be added to the project. Go to Business Configuration ->Implementation Projects. Select your project and navigate to Edit Project Scope ->Questions ->Industry Solution ->Consumer Product Extended  -> Perfect Store Execution and check the box next to the scoping item for using perfect store.
    • You must maintain a Relevant for Visit Planning flag by creating an engagement map. The flag is maintained at the overview of the engagement map for the total visit score and at the individual KPI level for each KPI score. For more information, see Perfect Store.
    • The same visit type should be maintained for visit recommendation and perfect store visit. The perfect store visit sales data could be found in the visit header.
    • The visit recommendation sales data should either match exactly with this perfect store visit's sales data or generically. 
  7. The account score will be recalculated every day at 00:00 UTC. 

See Also

Help documentation Dynamic Visit Planning Add-On for SAP Sales Cloud -> Configure Visit Recommendation 


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