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3368235 - How the Cloud for Service - C4C Email Flow Works


You would like to understand how the Email Channel scenario flow works.


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The Email flow works in the following way
1. Someone (e.g. Customer/Employee/Individual Customer/Employee) sends an email to your email channel e.g. (this email channel must be setup and configured within Administrator → Service & Social → Email Addresses).

2. Your domain server team (in our example, the owner of the domain needs to configure your inbox to relay/route all emails to the C4C technical address. This email will vary depending on the scenario that you are using (B2B, B2C, or Employee Support). In the example below, we will use the one for B2B, which would be having the following pattern - Please notice that at the "111111" you would need to have your URL system number).
3. Once the email arrives from your email domain to our technical email address, the email will be visible at the C4C (if it did not arrive and all configuration is correct, you will be able to track the error within the Administrator work center Web Service Monitoring view).


  • To keep system consistency, Customer/Employee/Individual Customer/Employee must always follow this email flow, contacting the configured email channel first. This means, the SAP Technical email address should not be shared or be used as a first email/entry point by anyone. 
  • The process of Email Routing/Relay, as described in step 2, differs from the Forward process. In the Routing/Relay process, emails are sent without any modifications to the original mime sender. This ensures the consistency of the original email mime. On the other hand, the Forward Action typically updates the Sender to the user who is forwarding the email. However, it is not recommended to use the Forward Action as it may result in the identification of a different sender by the system.

  • It is also not advisable to use Distribution Lists in Exchanges as a mailing list, as this will change the Sender. Some email providers offer macros and complex options to manipulate the From/To fields. It is important to validate these options with your Internal team.

  • SAP is not responsible and does not offer specific setup on the email Routing/Relay process. This is because there are numerous mail providers available in the market, each with its own configurations that are managed outside the SAP environment. It is the responsibility of each company to test and verify the available options for routing emails to the C4C technical address.

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