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3369113 - SAC Import job: Plugin Error - ERROR_RUNTIME_EXECUTION


While trying to import data from BW/4H to a model on SAC, as soon as clicking on create, an error message is raised:

"Couldn't create SACBalanceDataClosingCockpitQuery job
Correlation ID: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx" or sometimes

"... failed to upload because of an error in the plugin service".

The general connection works fine.


SAP Analytics Cloud 2023.8.18

Reproducing the Issue

  • Steps to create a new import job in an already created model
  1. Access tenant
  2. navigate to a model --> Data Management --> Import from DataSource
  3. BW --> select the related connection
  4. search for a query
  5. Window to select the measures and dimensions is displayed --> create --> Error
  • Steps to create a new model by building a new query:
  1. Access tenant
  2. navigate to modeler;
  3. select from a data source;
  4. select BW;
  5. select a connection
  6. search for a query
  7. click on create to proceed with already selected data;
  8. <<ISSUE>> 
    on SAC: 
    SACBalanceDataClosingCockpitQuery has failed to upload because of an error in the plugin service.
    Correlation ID: 15421172-4975-4122-9814-149199796534

    on HAR:
    1. details: {errorCode: "PLUGIN_ERROR", rawError: "ERROR_RUNTIME_EXECUTION",…}
      1. cause: " ERROR_RUNTIME_EXECUTION\n\tat\n\tat\n\tat java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(\n\tat java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$\n\tat$2$\n\tat\n"
      2. errorCode: "PLUGIN_ERROR"
      3. errorDefinition: "{\"status\":\"Error\",\"error\":{\"code\":\"INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR_IN_C4A\",\"rawError\":\"Termination message sent &#10;ERROR RSTRAN (011): You are not authorized to use this transformation&#13;&#10;ERROR RS_EXCEPTION (120): Operation could not be carried out for&#13;&#10;ERROR SODQ (006): Invalid Entry&#13;&#10;ERROR RODPS_BASE (007): Error while accessing data:&#13;&#10;ERROR DBMAN (305): Error reading the data of InfoProvider AFI_OO007&#10; MSGV1: AFI_OO007&#13;&#10;ERROR BRAIN (289): Error while reading data; navigation is possible&#13;&#10;WARNING BRAIN_DEV (195): Value help for characteristic &quot;Fiscal Year&quot;[0FISCYEAR] may not return exact set of values.&#10; MSGV1: &quot;Fiscal Year&quot;[0FISCYEAR]&#13;&#10;ABEND RSTRAN (011): You are not authorized to use this transformation\",\"params\":[]},\"httpStatus\":\"500\"}"
      4. isUserError: true
      5. rawError: "ERROR_RUNTIME_EXECUTION"
    2. endTime: "Aug 17, 2023 3:48:13 PM"
    3. lastModifyTime: "Aug 17, 2023 3:48:13 PM"
    4. startTime: "Aug 17, 2023 3:48:10 PM"
    5. state: "FAILED"


This issue is currently under investigation by development.


This issue is currently under investigation by development.

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