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3370531 - Is it possible to setup the on-premise extractor server as windows service?


Is it possible to setup the on-premise extractor server as windows service, so that it will automatically start after a system reboot (as it is possible in Linux)?


It is possible to run as service but it needs to use 3rd party apps for it. Its up the users to find which is the best way to run it. We have tested it for example with Windows Service Wrapper:

  1. Download WinSW-x64.exe executable from (Used the WinSW v2.12.0 version [latest]).
  2. Move the executable to empty folder (optional).
  3. Rename the downloaded file to some desired name.
  4. Create .xml configuration file in the same directory as is the .exe file. The file must have the same name as the executable. Example:
    - someRandomDir
          - myApp.exe
          - myApp.xml
  5. Write the .xml file. The most basic example configuration (which was used) is located here: [
    ]Id, name and description is on you choose. In executable element put the path to start.bat file.
  6. To install a new service run __ (replace <> with the actual name):
       <myApp>.exe install
  7. To start the service run (replace <> with the actual name):
       <myApp>.exe start
  8. You can check if the service was created (replace <> with the actual name):   net start | grep <"nameFromTheConfiguration">

The on premise extractor now runs as a service. User can log-out and the service will remain running. If the user restarts laptop the service automatically starts on boot.


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