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3372903 - Scope item 1GA is locked in CBC


Scope item 1GA is locked in SAP Central Business Configuration / SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Requirement is to activate this scope item.


SAP Central Business Configuration



Scope item 1GA was not added during initial scoping phase.


Scope item 1GA can only be added in initial scoping phase, if this phase was already finished it cannot be added later on. It is not possible to add any group ledger scenarios later via Initiate Change. Please see Define Scope | SAP Help Portal.

If 1GA scope item was not selected during initial scoping, the following related scope items also cannot be added later on:

  • Debt and Investment Management - Group Ledger IFRS (1X7)
  • Asset Under Construction - Group Ledger IFRS (1GF)
  • Asset Accounting - Group Ledger IFRS (1GB)
  • Asset-Backed Securities Management - Group Ledger IFRS (6B6)
  • Money Market Mutual Fund Management - Group Ledger IFRS (2UO)
  • Intercompany Foreign Exchange - Group Ledger IFRS (2HU)
  • Hedge Accounting for FX Swap - Group Ledger IFRS (2UF)
  • Hedge Accounting for FX Option - Group Ledger IFRS (2RW)
  • Stock Management - Group Ledger IFRS (5OE)
  • Interest Rate Derivatives Management - Group Ledger IFRS (1XB)
  • Letter of Credit Management - Group Ledger IFRS (49E)
  • Bank Guarantee Management - Group Ledger IFRS (2O2)
  • Lease-Out for Sublease Accounting - Group Ledger IFRS (2SA)
  • Shareholding Management - Group Ledger IFRS (5WG)
  • Hedge Accounting for FX Forward - Group Ledger IFRS (1XD)
  • Lease-In Accounting - Group Ledger IFRS (21P)
  • Bond Management - Group Ledger IFRS (3WZ)
  • Intercompany Debt and Investment Mgmt - Group Ledger IFRS (2OI)
  • Foreign Currency Risk Management - Group Ledger IFRS (1X9)

Current setup needs to be terminated and it must be restarted from scratch.



 Customer systems have to be reprovisioned, open a new ticket with a written approval to start the system reprovisioning process. (Component X4-CBC-SRV)

 Please note that system reprovisioning will remove all configurations and deployed data from the systems, and you have to re-do the system setup process.


 For TDD systems, you have to first terminate your entitlement, and then you can contact the partner delivery support team at TDD@SAP.COM for further instructions regarding   the closure steps.

 After the current entitlement is closed, you need to subscribe to a new license, which will give you a new entitlement you can provision.

 For a TDD system, this is the only way to get newly provisioned system and start from scratch.


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