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3373254 - New check tool for Orphan Users and Orphan PersonGOs in b2311


It is essential to maintain a consistent linkage between each user record and employments, as any deviation from this connection would result in the user being treated as an orphan, which, in turn, can lead to operational errors and complications. When a user record is considered an orphan, it becomes challenging to manage their data effectively. For example, common tasks such as purging a user's data or resetting their status back to 'active' can't be carried out smoothly, causing potential inconsistencies in the system.

The errors are always encountered during the creation of person and employment. This issue stems from the attempt to create a new instance of PersonGO within the process of person and employment creation. Unfortunately, this creation process fails when the system detects that the specified Person ID is already occupied by an existing PersonGO entity.


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1. Inactive users have employment information (Orphan Users)

To address this concern, we have implemented a robust checking tool that systematically identifies and purges inactive users without any associated employments from your system. The tool ensures that all remaining inactive users after the check have valid and relevant employment information tied to them, reducing the likelihood of having orphaned records within your user data.

However, please note that for those active users who do not have any employments linked to their records, it's essential to set their status to 'inactive' manually before initiating the check tool. This proactive step helps maintain data accuracy and ensures that the tool works seamlessly, optimizing its performance in identifying and addressing orphaned records among inactive users.

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2. Each employee’s person data is correctly associated with corresponding employment data (PersonGOs)

In such cases, it's crucial for us to conduct a thorough investigation. We need to determine whether the existing PersonGO record is an orphan, meaning it's disconnected from any associated person or employment data. If we find that this record is indeed an orphan, one that's no longer tied to any valid data, we have the opportunity to address the issue by purging this isolated record from our system.

This check tool ensures that our data remains clean, and it helps streamline the creation process for new person and employment records.

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