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3373494 - Error when uploading driver "You cannot upload the driver file SimbaODBCDriverforGoogleBigQuery"


When uploading driver file into SAP Datasphere, the following error occurs:

"You cannot upload the driver file SimbaODBCDriverforGoogleBigQuery_3.0.0.1001-Linux.tar.gz because it is not supported by any connection type. 
To get directed to a full list of supported driver files, please open the help for uploading drivers via the question mark in the shell bar of the application."


SAP Datasphere 


Unsupported driver file


Supporting SimbaODBCDriverforGoogleBigQuery_3.0.0.1001-Linux.tar.gz will be delivered in October in DI:Embedded version DI:2023.21:E, which means Datasphere Wave 2023.22 or Wave 2023.23.

Refer to SAP Note 2984828 - SAP Datasphere Release & Delivery Schedule  to get the up-to-date release date. 

Until Wave 2023.23 is delivered, only SimbaODBCDriverforGoogleBigQuery_2.3.1.1001-Linux.tar.gz is supported for Google Big Query. 

Have in mind that SimbaODBCDriverforGoogleBigQuery_2.3.1.1001-Linux.tar.gz is no longer available for download. 
Therefore, waiting for Wave 2023.23 could be the single alternative. 

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